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Download Driver ABKONCORE M30 Gaming Mouse Wired, USB Computer Mice for Game & Daily with 6 Programmable Buttons, Chroma RGB Backlit and 3500 DPI Adjustable. Well I don’t use this Abkoncore M30 for gaming, I bought to just use as a regular everyday mouse and I love it. The way the colors change are really cute and its a bit heavier then the other mouses I’ve used before but I already got used to it so its fine! Also I’m guessing this is for gaming use but you can change the speed at which the mouse moves so there that! I’d recommend even for non gamer cause I really really enjoy the way the colors change and its look in general.


Abkoncore M30 Software Download

Abkoncore M30 has nice features on light side (weight wise), it was very nice for the 6 year old girl that bought it. She says ” very pretty”. This mouse was working fine and was great on my computer for a couple of months. Then randomly I got the error saying a power surge on my USB was detected and the mouse wasn’t working, unplugged it to test it out on another computer, did not work, then i noticed the burning smell coming from the wire, hot to the touch, dead. I made sure there was no way the mouse’s wire was crimped in any way while in use.

This Abkoncore M30 mouse is great! It does everything it says it will do except for 1 thing. The right button is too soft and I accidentally trigger it with hand just resting on it and I move the mouse to select something. I bought this for my wife who kept knock her mouse off her desk. She is partially blind so the fact that the mouse lights up is a plus! She loved it bro!

For the price, this Abkoncore M30 is awesome! And so very comfortable! I play the Sims with it. The mouse was definitely worth the money for my needs with work and light gaming. The only issue I came across was that it would inexplicably cut out in the middle of using it with my new MacBook for work and unplugging it and plugging it back in would temporarily fix it

Overall, Abkoncore M30 is a great mouse. Doesn’t need mouse pad. Which is great because my keyboard tray doesn’t have room for a mousepad. Can use it on black wooden table. Colors are great. You can set color for each dpi setting. I use it to play league of legends. Works well so far, I love it. As I say before that I’m not a gamer but really like the comfort and appearance of this mouse. It fits my hand well, the software you download to program it is easy to use, and it’s very attractive on my desk. I’m happy with my purchase.


Abkoncore M30 Drivers Download

Abkoncore M30 User Manual PDF Download

Abkoncore M30 Mouse Software Download

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