AOC C24G1 Driver + Manual

Download Driver AOC C24G1 Gaming Monitor for Windows. I really like this AOC C24G1 monitor, it doesn’t cause any problems and with an upgrade from 60 Hz to 144 Hz, this monitor is highly recommended, especially for gaming! And the Vesa mount is also perfect. The AOC C24G1 monitor is just great! I give it five stars.


AOC C24G1 Drivers & Quick Review

First of all, I have to say that I am by no means an expert when it comes to monitors. Nevertheless, I did a lot of research and was able to extensively test the monitor. The purpose of my review, which has been kept simple, is to provide less experienced consumers with an understandable basis for decision-making. I bought the monitor for € 217, there were even offer prices of € 189. I try to evaluate special properties as well as to offer advantages and disadvantages:


AOC C24G1 Size and resolution:

At 24 “, this 16: 9 monitor is one of the” smaller “models, with 27” versions of these specifications being increasingly found on the market. Since I often use the monitor for games, I consider the smaller screen to be well suited for the overview, also due to the relatively small distance between the seats. The AOC C24G1 gaming monitor has a FullHD resolution, i.e. 1920×1080. The screen of this size also offers a pleasant picture without “stretching” it too much.

AOC C24G1 Refresh rate:

144 Hz – Certainly one of the special features considering the price. On the one hand, it is important to connect using the display port cable supplied and to make the appropriate adjustment in the operating system. For me the jump from 60 Hz to 144 Hz was enormous even in normal operation. The mouse pointer moves much more fluidly and it generally looks very pleasant.

AOC C24G1 Panel:

In my opinion, the built-in VA panel offers a nice picture with rich colors, good contrast and solid black value. However, I had to adjust some color values ​​and I also made changes to the brightness. I think everyone has a different feeling here (also depending on the space). It is less suitable for viewing from a larger angle and the illumination is not entirely uniform in the corners and in the lower area. However, this is more noticeable in tests and not during operation.


AOC C24G1 Curved:

The curvature with 1500R is small and less noticeable compared to competing products. It gives you a certain feeling of being closer, or a more “right in the middle” feeling. But that is subjective feeling. Similar to virtual reality, one gets bad, the other doesn’t, one likes it, and the other doesn’t. Curved is and remains a matter of taste. It is neither disturbing nor is it a real must-have.


AOC C24G1 Assembly, appearance and ergonomics:

Installation is quick and easy, a screwdriver is not necessary. Attachment via VESA would be possible. The monitor can be tilted, rotated and adjusted in height. In general, the workmanship looks very high quality and the monitor is very stable. When in use, the monitor has a very easily visible white power LED – this looks pleasant and is not too bright. The buttons below the monitor have a very firm pressure point, which is a bit uncomfortable for me personally.


AOC C24G1 On-screen display and settings:

FreeSync, the counterpart to Nvidia’s G-Sync, should definitely be emphasized here. Freesync can only be used with AMD GPUs, since I use an Nvidia graphics card, I cannot use this feature and therefore cannot rate it. I didn’t use MBR. I don’t find any of the gaming modes good and rather worsen the experience than improve it.


AOC C24G1 Conclusion:

The AOC C24G1 delivers a good picture, but settings should still be made here. I don’t think the gaming features are successful, but they are of no particular relevance to me. I don’t want to miss 144 Hz anymore and Curved is a nice, but not absolutely necessary gimmick. In terms of price / performance, it is certainly one of the best monitors currently on the market within the specifications.


Monitor AOC C24G1 Driver & Software Download + Manual PDF

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