Asus ROG Spatha Software + Firmware

Download Software Asus ROG Spatha for Windows. I have this Asus ROG Spatha mouse for the 3rd time and now finally satisfied. The ergonomics of the mouse is the “burner”, the docking station is simply great, precision with all the bells and whistles is great!


Asus ROG Spatha Software & Review

Before that I was very satisfied with the Asus chakram, but the spathe still trumps it in general. The side buttons take getting used to, but after a short time you get used to them. Lifting is not a problem as the keys are perfect in my opinion. If the few grams of difference are so noticeable and too heavy for you. Gliding properties perfect, almost every key immediately accessible and easy to click, except for the middle of the side keys.

Yeah I’m an Asus freak and it looks perfect with my setup. Yes, I have to admit the mouse is very expensive, the price / performance ratio is probably not optimal, which does not mean that the quality is poor in any way. In my opinion, the workmanship is very, very good and the mouse lies extremely well in the hand (has large paws). What you can expect for a mouse at this overpriced price.

The Asus ROG Spatha mouse is perfect for MMORPGS or in general for games where many spells are used or you want a few extra buttons. (for knife, weapon 1,2,3, etc.). Despite the immense number of buttons, the mouse is easy to use, it works both wirelessly and with a cable (no noticeable difference).

I’ve gambled through many a night or day with the mouse and the battery has never run out of power, even if you forget to put it in the station after shutting it down, you don’t have to worry about it the next day Battery runs out. The charging station (at the same time receiving station) is nice and heavy and strongly magnetic, when I picked it up for the first time, I almost had the feeling it was made of cast iron.

For those who have the necessary change and don’t always think about price-performance, a top mouse has a long life Thought about whether it is worth it to me and I do not regret having it. On the contrary, I don’t want to miss this mouse anymore, because it was made for WoW and the game became even better.


Asus ROG Spatha Software & Function

I choose the mouse because I needed one with more extra buttons on the side. Top processing and also the design appealed to me very much. Especially recommended for people with large hands due to its size, the mouse lies very comfortably in my hand. The Asus ROG Spatha software for setting macros, lighting, etc. is also clearly structured and everything can be found very quickly.

The mouse can also be operated wirelessly, which is not really relevant for me personally, so I can’t say anything about it. It is a bit negative that one of the side keys is quite small and it can happen that you accidentally hit one of the other keys at the same time. Apart from the mouse and the associated charging station / receiver (if operated wirelessly), a very stable transport bag is included. B. want to use a laptop and have it with you on the go, a very practical extra.

The ROG Spatha comes in an almost-looking box. This includes a lot of accessories: charging station, 2 USB cables, 2 replacement buttons with a suitable screwdriver, a transport box and of course the mouse itself, which already stands out due to its special design.

Connecting, installing the Asus ROG Spatha drivers and software and setting up under Windows 10 went smoothly. The associated software leaves nothing to be desired, even for small configuration monsters. The functions of the buttons and the scroll wheel can be set individually and stored in 5 profiles.

Furthermore, movement sensitivity, angle detection, sampling rate and much more can be adjusted. The ergonomically positioned mouse allows you to work quickly and precisely. The imposing lighting tops it all off. If the battery is empty, you can continue working with the supplied USB cable. The battery is then charged at the same time. All in all, the ROG Spatha is not necessarily one of the bargains, but it is the best mouse I have ever been able to call my own and is therefore a very clear recommendation for me.


Asus ROG Spatha Driver Download

Asus ROG Spatha Utilities – Download

Asus ROG Spatha Firmware – Download Version 1.80 Win 10 64-bit

Asus ROG Spatha Armoury Crate – Download

Asus ROG Spatha ROG Armoury – Download

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