Dierya DK63 Driver

Download Software Dierya DK63 Gaming Keyboard. I’ve been using them for 5-6 days now and I’m really pleasantly surprised. The keycaps feel very good and of high quality and the rgb lighting is a real dance. The Dierya DK63 keyboard is perfectly built in and very stable, when you unpack it you immediately notice how good the quality is and it sounds perfect with the Red Switches from Otemu I can only recommend this keyboard.


Dierya DK63 Drivers & Software

The Dierya DK63 RGB lighting is very very good but you have to download the software¬† and not the two software from the original page are actually very similar except that when one works uses the “original” software they do not and falls only from. But the best thing about the keyboard is the workmanship, a simply brilliant. You can tell how well this keyboard is made and it’s just fun to play with it

This is a great keyboard especially for the price point. Lights are bright and customizable, and the blue switches have very comfortable travel and a pronounced clicky sound. Would definitely recommend. Only slight negative was the fact that the question mark key was on the right side of the shift button, so this takes a little getting used to. I have my keyboard plugged in all the time so haven’t used the bluetooth mode yet.

Got the brown switches. The Dierya DK63 keyboard is just awesome. Great price and it can do everything. BT on 3 devices switchable + USB. Nice colors and good typing. Only BT doesn’t work with my PS4. Must use cables. I was looking for an affordable, high quality, small, LED keyboard, I am super satisfied, bluethooth connection a bit weak max 2m, unfortunately I did not pay attention, no QWERTY keyboard. That’s how we imagined it. Easy Dierya DK63 software installation. Only the keys themselves seem a bit clunky. It’s not a flat keyboard like Apple’s. But it shines in all colors of the rainbow.


Dierya DK63 Software Download

Dierya DK63 – 5 (which before “Z” in SN Number), as 63BA050205Z04600 Version 2 – Download

Dierya DK63 – 1 (which before “Z” in SN Number), as 63BA030101Z04200 Version 1 – Download

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