Gaomon M106K Driver

Download Driver Gaomon M106K for Windows & Mac. Well I’m not a professional when it comes to creating graphics. The graphics board is the first one I’ve ever bought. The Gaomon M106K driver installation worked perfectly. Only with the graphics program did it not want to make different knitting sizes.


Gaomon M106K Drivers & Quick Review

Two days after the product was here I got an email from Gaomon and I can only recommend every buyer to get involved. After my feetback, I got as good service as you would like from all manufacturers. We looked to see what the problem with the linework is. It was because of the graphics program that is too old for that. But it didn’t stop there, I received a direct link for an absolutely new driver and for two free graphics programs that are better than what I had.

Here you can see that you are taken seriously as a customer, here you don’t just want to earn money from us, no, customer satisfaction is really required here and Gaomon really cares about that. For the price, such a great graphics tablet and such a great service. I can highly recommend this Gaomon M106K Tablet!

Gaomon M106K Pros & Cons:

I’ve been working with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator for a number of years. So the idea of ​​getting a graphics tablet quickly came up, but had never tackled it because that was how it worked. Clear! Wacom graphics tablets are market leaders, maybe not always the best and, for me personally, far too expensive if you don’t work professionally in the field. So I looked around for a good and cheap alternative and hereby found it! At the end I will list the most important pros and cons if you don’t want to read through everything.

About the Gaomon M106K graphics tablet:

You should plan a little space on the desk, because it’s big and that’s a good thing! You have enough space to work, which is pretty nice. I had first considered whether it would not make more sense to take a smaller one, since you can also take it with you, but this limits the work surface a bit. Incidentally, work area; it is synchronized with the screen. Means when I click with the pen in the upper right corner of the graphics tablet, I also click in the upper right corner of my screen.

It feels well made and massive. However, the plastic buttons do not make a very high quality impression. The Gaomon M106K buttons can be assigned individually and can optimize the workflow. Personally, I tend to use the keyboard. If the 12 buttons are not enough for you, you can also activate and assign the 16 touch keys. Top!

Gaomon M106K Pen:

Yes, the pen is the main reason why I only give 4 stars here. The connection between tablet and pen is good. A few inches of air do not matter. You can draw comfortably on the smooth surface. However, the pen feels relatively cheap and light. You don’t really notice it while drawing, but I would prefer a little more weight in my hand. Also an ergonomic shape, because you have to get used to the “clunky” pen first. The two buttons on the pen can be individually adjusted or assigned, but also make a cheap and hollow impression. It also happens more often that they don’t respond 100%.

Gaomon M106K Pros:

  • + Massive and high-quality graphics tablet
  • + 12 programmable keys PLUS 16 programmable smart keys
  • + Connection between tablet and pen
  • + Smooth surface, thus a comfortable feeling when drawing
  • + Size; Workspace
  • + Plug and play; plug in and run
  • + PRICE!


Gaomon M106K Cons:

  • – Cheap buttons
  • – Lighter and cheaper pen
  • – Buttons on the pen are annoying


I can recommend this Gaomon M106K graphics tablet to anyone looking for a good and cheap tablet with a pleasant work area! Great for beginners! Also great for working in the professional field, if you can live with the small negative aspects, which are not really annoying, however.


Gaomon M106K Driver Download

Gaomon M106K Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon M106K Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Gaomon M106K Driver for Windows

Gaomon M106K Windows Driver v14.8.115.1177 – Download

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