Gaomon M10K 2018 Version Drivers

Drivers for GAOMON M10K 2018 Version. Those looking for an inexpensive graphics tablet for template design and retouching cannot ignore the Chinese high-tech expert Gaomon these days. With the 2018 version of the M10K graphics tablet, the manufacturer is sending its revised model into the race.


Gaomon M10K Short Review

Like its predecessor, it comes in a stylish black and has a loop on the right side of the tablet to hold the pen. The tray is delivered in a stylish white hard case, so that it is well protected during shipping. Enclosed you will also find a transport and protective bag with the Gaomon logo, replacement pen tips, brief instructions, glove, USB connection cable and of course the pen in a felt bag.

The new M10K model has a battery-free electromagnetic input pen; This means that no batteries have to be changed or charged with a USB cable. With 8192 pressure levels, the pen called “Artpaint AP31” is very sensitive and thanks to its narrow shape it lies very comfortably in the hand. Even with large brush tips, for example with 100 px, you can draw from fine to thick in one work step with sensitivity and differentiation. This version does not have an eraser on the back of the pen. The pen also has two individually assignable function keys, for example to quickly switch to an eraser in the software application.

The tablet has 10 shortcut keys that you can assign individually as you wish. To zoom in on the image or quickly change the brush size, the M10K has a touch ring and a matching selection button in the middle of the ring. The work surface is adapted to most monitor formats in the 16: 9 ratio and measures 25.5 x 16 cm, so that you can find sufficient radius of action for digital design. From a distance of 10 mm to the tablet surface, the pen reacts with the tablet, so that you can easily slide your hand over the surface. The glove included as an accessory also helps here.


GAOMON M10K Function

The tablet works for both right and left handers. The arrangement of the buttons can be set in the driver menu. With a weight of 695 grams, it can be easily accommodated in the laptop bag with your laptop so that it can also be used on the move. Painting or image editing software is not included in the scope of delivery. The tablet driver is downloaded from the Gaomon website. Here you can get updated versions of the latest operating systems. The tablet works from Windows 7 and Mac OS X10.11 and higher. It is suitable for all common programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, ZBrush, Krita, MediBang, Paintstorm Studio, Painter, Affinity Foto and many more. Due to the sensitivity and size, the tray is a lot of fun when designing and its price ranks in the lower price segment.

I admit I was very skeptical at first. I had always worked with Wacom for the past 12 years and was satisfied (only not with the prices) and this GAOMON is twice the size of my old tablet and cost just as much. So, let’s give this Chinese one Company an opportunity. And I was really positively surprised. One day before the delivery, information was sent by email with instructions for installation. I didn’t need them, but I work in IT support myself and I know that some of them need them for sure.

Gaomon M10K drivers installation went without problems, Gaomon M10K driver software started, program started and voila, the pen paints wonderfully and the printer recognition is optimal. I draw almost exclusively digitally and after a day of getting used to the larger drawing area, I don’t want to give it up anymore.

There is also a glove included, which I found very surprising. And also enough spare nibs and felt pockets for pens and nibs and a pouch for the tablet, in case you take it with you. The Gaomon M10K function keys work fine even if I don’t need them myself since I have my keyboard shortcuts. But the wheel on the tablet for zooming in and out or setting the brush size is really a great extra. As I said, I don’t want to give up my GAOMON tablet anymore. A clear recommendation for beginners and advanced users who are looking for an inexpensive and good tablet.


GAOMON M10K Drivers Download

Click the link to get the files:

Gaomon MK10K Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon Tablet Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 for operating system MAC OS

Gaomon MK10K Driver for Windows

Gaomon Windows Driver v14.8.133.1259 – for Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 (64-bit / 32-bit)

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