Gaomon M10K Pro Driver

Download Driver Gaomon M10K Pro for Windows & Mac. The digital painting with ArtRage and Photoshop requires a graphics tablet that does exactly what you want and does not “get in the way”. This Gaomon M10K Pro version tablet can do just that!


Gaomon M10K Pro Drivers & Quick Review

The Gaomon M10K Pro software allows the buttons and the scanning surface to be set as desired, so you can adjust them to personal needs, whereby I mainly use the keyboard and ignore the buttons. It would be better if the buttons had different surfaces so that you can feel them blindly.

The touch ring controls the zoom. All settings of the Gaomon M10K Pro driver software are also applied to ArtRage 6. The pressure levels of the pen are adjustable (curve adaptation) and feel good, whereby a light “line” is supported, which is more natural. My old tablet had only 2000+ pressure levels instead of 8000+ and the difference was so stark that I first had to practice and adjusted the curve. But now it’s fine!

The surface and pen tip still seem “like new” after around thirty hours of use, replacement tips are included. The glove is sufficient for my size 9 to 10 (L), it will certainly work with smaller hands too. The tray has a high-quality finish, which is not always the case with the China trays in the price range up to 100 euros. I use the pen holder from my old tablet and it’s kind of missing here, but it’s just a minor thing.


Gaomon M10K Pro Drivers & Function

As a graphic designer and photo artist for many years, I was looking for an inexpensive but technically mature graphic workbench to be more mobile. I already knew the previous model and was optimistic enough to get involved with the MK10 pro.

The Gaomon M10K Pro is easy to hold. That’s the first thing you notice. The workmanship is decent, the material is typical of China – plastic everywhere you look and reach. Anyone looking for a haptically or visually valuable item is wrong here, even if the set packaging arouses high expectations at first. The pen has the format of a neat Edding and, because it does not have electricity, almost no dead weight.

The pen / tab can be partially configured using the driver suite, which is also available free of charge for Mac or Windows, but there are clear limits here compared to more professional devices. The boundaries between wanting and being able to become visible very quickly, especially if the functionality of the dialwheel can only be used rudimentarily in really good programs such as AI, AP, ID, CP or CD.

It’s actually a shame, because there would actually be a lot of potential here in terms of resolution, pressure sensitivity and compatibility with different platforms. Ultimately, you still have to praise, a good device for absolute beginners, for advanced users and pros, this device is perhaps only interesting because of the connectivity to mobile devices on the go. Linux support is sought in vain.

What would have been desirable if the functionality and configurability would have been more intuitive and extensive software for the large OS, a separate driver interface for mobile devices, especially here the position determination without actively drawing, but also the usability of the buttons on the pen and tab and the wheel. Setting templates for common programs would also be desirable in view of the tricky software.

Gaomon M10K Pro Overall rating:

  • Material 2 out of 5 stars
  • Price 3 out of 5 stars
  • Functionality 2 out of 5 stars
  • Support software 1 out of 5 stars

The critical will find a lot of positive and enthusiastic buyers when reading the reviews and it is right to say. This Gaomon M10K Pro clearly scores in terms of price and an overall acceptable performance. Many approaches are really good, but unfortunately not so that you have a powerful tool at hand. For hobbies, leisure time and quick drafts, also on the go, but nothing for daily work.


Gaomon M10K Pro Driver Download

Gaomon M10K Pro Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon M10K Pro Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Gaomon M10K Pro Driver for Windows

Gaomon M10K Pro Windows Driver v14.8.133.1259 – Download

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