Gaomon M1220 Driver

Download Driver Gaomon M1220 for Windows & Mac. I am fairly new to digital art and I would recommend it anytime! Gaomon M1220 does its job and feels sturdy and nice to draw on. The surface is just smooth enough to allow for effortless gliding while offering enough resistance so that you don’t feel like you’re drawing on glass.


Gaomon M1220 Drivers & Quick Review

The express keys! I could not work without them anymore! Once you get used to them they are very handy, especially if you have a rather large desk and you aren’t bothered to reach for the keyboard when needed. The wheel: I had a problem with its central button where it wouldn’t show me what function I was switching to, which would slow my workflow, but contacting Gaomon customer support I found out I was using an outdated version of the drivers. Ada was very helpful and I still thank her for her patience and professionalism in explaining step by step what I needed to do to get the issue solved!

I am still having an issue for which the tablet drivers need to be opened before I start drawing, or else the pen pressure and hotkeys won’t work at all, but it doesn’t bother me that much. As a replacement for the outdated Bamboo Pen & Touch, which unfortunately is no longer produced in this form, I came across this Gaomon M1220 tablet and I was really completely satisfied.

For my graphics program I had to reconfigure the buttons and the touch ring, with the latter I was a bit stupid (clicked the center instead of the ring in the configuration interface), the support helped quickly and very friendly. The pen is great, does not have to be charged, although that was actually only very rarely the case with the other one, now charging is completely eliminated.

After connecting the tablet and adjusting my settings, I naturally had to try it out with my new program. The pressure levels work great, you can even set the sensitivity in the driver and with Clip Studio Paint you have the feeling of drawing on paper. The touch ring also works wonderfully, even if it took some getting used to. With some programs it can also happen that you have to change the shortcuts for functions directly in the program so that you can scroll, zoom and set the brush size. But since this is done very quickly and easily, that’s not a problem.

Personally, I really enjoy working with this Gaomon M1220 tablet and I am very satisfied with it. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed as the premium mind / express shipping didn’t arrive, but even later, but that doesn’t matter in terms of quality. Gaomon M1220 instructions are easy to understand, settings of the tablet are a little more difficult. Main point: keys perfect, no wobbling at all. The pen sits comfortably in the hand and the tip doesn’t wobble either. Amazingly, I have to admit, the tablet is bigger than I thought.

There are of course qualitative differences with Wacom, but the price also differs. The haptics seem less valuable, but are perfectly adequate and appropriate for the price. The advantage of the Wacom is the use of Bluetooth. Overall, I can recommend the tablet for beginners who want to try it out and for occasional work. What was great is the support, I had problems with the pen, it was replaced for me. Very good support, thank you and here the Gaomon M1220 drivers download below.


Gaomon M1220 Driver Download

Gaomon M1220 Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon M1220 Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Gaomon M1220 Driver for Windows

Gaomon M1220 Windows Driver v14.8.174.1380 HID – Download

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