Gaomon PD1161 Driver

Download Driver GAOMON PD1161 for Mac & Windows. I am evaluating it from an image editor’s point of view, not a draftsman’s perspective. I have to admit I was skeptical. I had already worked briefly with a pen tablet like this, from a competing product, that didn’t appeal to me. Now years later, another attempt. The installation is really easy. Connect, install drivers and start Photoshop. That’s it.


Gaomon PD1161 Drivers & Quick Review

After an acclimatization period of about 30 minutes, it read quite well. The colors and contrasts are very good. The resolution is perfectly adequate. It’s a bit strange to look directly at the tablet, I’m used to working with a monitor. Still, it works without any problems. I still use my keyboard as a supplement, because I have all the keyboard shortcuts in my head. I am not one of the people who draws, I do image processing and composing.

What I would recommend is a holder, for me personally it is a bit exhausting to constantly look down, but also because I also use the keyboard. It would be too small for me for everyday use in the long run. It’s really cool for on the go.

Gaomon PD1161 is a really great product. Unfortunately, after a few months, the power cord stopped working. But: great customer contact, my email was immediately responded to with the phrase “don’t worry, I’ll help you”. After some information, the confirmation that we will get a new cable sent. Completely uncomplicated and friendly. I’m not only enthusiastic about the tablet but also about the customer service.

I would have thought that. A pen display under 200 euros! The Gaomon PD1161 works great, the screen makes a decent impression, so I really like the colors. The surface is provided with an anti-reflective protective film, which is good when light comes in. The pen works very sensitively with its 8192 pressure levels. The full HD resolution makes the display very sharp in size. A stand is not included, I think you can order it later. I have a small cardboard box as a ramp – that works too.

The Gaomon PD1161 function keys can all be assigned individually, for example I have the Color Piker, the hand icon on the lower keys. Others then for zooming in and out. But everyone can decide for themselves. So the PD1161 is really fun and has a nice price!

Overall the Gaomon PD1161 is a good product but unfortunately you have to add monthly subscriptions to use fully, so a bit disappointed. Ended up costing a lot more than expected! Well happy with the product does exactly as the description says had no troubles setting it up just plugged in the HDMI cable to the laptop and the laptop screen immedietly came up on the tablet. Came earlier than expected too, so here the Gaomon PD1161 drivers are below.


Gaomon PD1161 Driver Download

Gaomon PD1161 Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon PD1161 Tablet Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Gaomon PD1161 Driver for Windows

Gaomon PD1161 Windows Driver v14.8.133.1259 – Download

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