Gaomon PD156 Pro Driver

Download Driver Gaomon PD156 Pro for Windows & Mac. I have been planning to replace my Wacom Bamboo Tab after a long time. After a long search I decided on this Gaomon PD156 Pro! Received it quickly and in perfect condition. First impression “Wow” I need more space on the table.


Gaomon PD156 Pro Drivers & Quick Review

But that is a big difference to the Wacom with its very pleasant handling. Cable, stand, gloves and bag in a sensible, sturdy design. A very nice, large work surface with a paper feeling. Lightweight pen without battery and hand-friendly, the pressure sensitivity and till function are impressive.

Gaomon PD156 Pro driver installation and setup of the Win 10 operating system without problems on different computers. Linux is still a lot of work but as a mouse it works to a limited extent under Ubuntu 20 LTS. Setting up the tablet is easy and clear for all tastes. Command keys are well laid out and easy to use with practice. Kita, Photoshop div versions flawlessly. Gimp is causing some difficulties that I plan to get under control in the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately I can’t find an original or alternative HDMI cable, neither Amazon,, Saturn and Mediamarkt, which I would like to buy later. I haven’t asked support yet, but it’s the next thing I have to do. The Gaomon PD156 Pro cables should have several workstations so that only the Pd156pro has to be changed. Otherwise I am impressed and relieved to have invested my money properly for the first time! I recommend this Gaomon PD156 Pro for every beginner!

The Gaomon PD156 Pro makes a very good impression but the appearance is cloudy. I mainly work with Adobe Illustrator with paths because the device has too much room for maneuver. Drawing several times on the line is better with the mouse, because that makes you completely crazy if the offset to the mouse pointer is 3 mm. So I had 10 times as much work as without a graphics tablet. Gaomon PD156 Pro driver crashes after 1 hour. Restart. Driver crashes after 30 minutes..etc. SORRY,

My request to the support whether a test device is possible was ignored, since I already had problems with the 2200, my idea was to buy it first test it, the support did not care. It’s great that Amazon doesn’t cause me any problems that would still be missing for such a product that only made me trouble and work with unpacking and packing. Clearly for me to use only for the bin, no idea whether this is better in other models. I don’t need a graphics tablet as a paper substitute for the money I can buy paper for 5 years in advance.

Now I use the Gaomon PD156 Pro as my 3rd monitor (laptop, 27 “and tablet) for joint whiteboarding in teams calls and I am very satisfied. In particular, I have got used to only sharing the tablet (as a non-confidential monitor). This means that you don’t share Accidentally confidential content.

Gaomon PD156 Pro in Windows 10:

  • – The latest Gaomon PD156 Pro driver (V20) did not work for me; the pen was not pressure-sensitive here. Everything works fine with the driver from November (V16).
  • – The Gaomon PD156 Pro driver does not support different monitors different scalings. With the setup with 125% + 150% + 100% there is an offset between pen and position. Now I have set all 3 monitors to 125% and everything works.
  • – My X-Pen 15 tablet had an “eraser” on the back of the pen. I thought that was good. With the Gaomon I have to switch between painting and erasing with a button, which I find a little more getting used to.
  • – My handwriting is also not more legible on the tablet than on paper.


Gaomon PD156 Pro Driver Download

Gaomon PD156 Pro Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon PD156 Pro Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Gaomon PD156 Pro Driver for Windows

Gaomon PD156 Pro Windows Driver v14.8.133.1259 – Download

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