Gaomon PD1561 Driver

Download Driver Gaomon PD1561 for Windows & Mac. I must have caught a tray here that wasn’t quite right. Unfortunately, there were areas on the display that were roughened with the pen. Each time the pen literally stumbled over it. The driver installation was complicated and out of date for Mac. Some drawing programs did not work with the tablet. Only with the mouse, but I wanted to buy the tablet in order to draw with the pen.


Gaomon PD1561 Drivers & Quick Review

This Gaomon PD1561 graphics tablet does not have its own processor and can therefore only be operated with an external computer. The tablet worked immediately without installation, but unfortunately not without any problems with any software. The pen had a delay with every new stroke. But after installing the latest driver from the Gaomon homepage, it works perfectly.

Gaomon PD1561 pressure sensitivity and response time are very good, almost like a pen. The inclination sensor in the pen is unfortunately only mediocre.

  • – The connection cables are unfortunately a bit bulky
  • – inclination sensor mediocre
  • – no possibility to stow or fix the pen in the tablet
  • + pen without battery, very comfortable to use
  • + large screen
  • + individually assignable function keys All

But in all the Gaomon PD1561 is highly recommended, a feeling of drawing like on paper and at a really good price. But sometimes the Gaomon PD1561 driver drives me crazy and often doesn’t work, you have to constantly reset the values ​​so that the pen works again and all buttons are reassigned. I use the tablet on Mac and Windows and both computers perform very well, so it can’t be that. I will continue to work with it anyway, but after setting it 10 times it is already annoying.

So I think this Gaomon PD1561 tablet is absolutely amazing for the price I paid. It does everything right down to a small detail. The cursor sometimes deviates from the pen tip, but is usually found again immediately. It was a bit strange for me at the beginning, but it’s a matter of getting used to. Otherwise top product. Of course it can’t compete with a Wacom for 1500 €, but for this unbelievable price it is an ingenious product.

Gaomon PD1561 has been in use for my online lessons (math) for about 1 year. It is my first device for this purpose and it completely meets my expectations. Good price / performance ratio. Gaomon PD1561 can be use as normal monitors also. The pen some time not touching well. Overall is OK. So below the Gaomon PD1561 drivers download!


Gaomon PD1561 Drivers Download

Gaomon PD1561 Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon PD1561 Tablet Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Gaomon PD1561 Driver for Windows

Gaomon PD1561 Windows Driver v14.8.133.1259 – Download

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