Gaomon PD2200 Driver

Download Driver GAOMON PD2200-22 for Windows & Mac. After 10 years of Wacom Cintiq 12X, I treated myself to something new. The Gaomon PD2200 has a large color space, which is what triggered the final purchase decision for me.


Gaomon PD2200 Drivers & Short Review

The device itself makes a very good impression. The built-in stand is sturdy and all three cables are “normal” cables that could easily be replaced if they should get loose contact due to the constant back and forth movement, which I do thanks to the good attachment to the rear with cable support do not believe. So why only I give 3 stars?


First, two problems with the Gaomon PD2200 it itself:

The chic, slightly rough surface, which feels like paper. I am not someone who presses hard with the pen (my Cintiq still looks like new), but after 3 days of use the pen tip was so worn that I was close to it the next tip was to be used, if it hadn’t been for another problem. The chic foil scratched! After the said 3 days of painting with light pressure, it is so matt in some places that you can see noticeably worse. Fortunately, it can be easily peeled off and reveals a super smooth and unfortunately reflective glass surface. The mirroring doesn’t really bother me, which is primarily related to my place of work in the living room, but anyone who has a window behind them will certainly be angry. I find painting on the glass surface very pleasant, as with my cintiq before,

Second problem with the tablet: the Gaomon PD2200 buttons. What did the designers ride when they thought: “Hey, how about small touch buttons without a touch of haptics!” This decision makes it almost impossible to use the buttons intuitively while painting, as I always have to look to find the right button. I will fix the problem with thin strips of TesaKrep so that I can feel where a button is. But it shouldn’t be like that.


Now the real big problem: The Gaomon PD2200 driver

My goodness! At first glance it makes a good impression, everything is easy to set up without looking too big. But unfortunately the function does not last! Woe if I dare to move the mouse from the tablet screen to my other screen and then use the pen on the tablet again, there is a 50/50 chance that the pressure levels in Krita (my drawing program) no longer work. Often the pen doesn’t work at all and I have to switch the driver off and on again. If I’m unlucky he means that the tablet is no longer connected. Before I wrote this review, the driver even destroyed the mouse, pen AND keyboard input and I couldn’t do anything!

The documentation from Gaomon is quite good and I’ve tried all the fix options, but none of them fixed the problem. I hope that there will be a new version of the Gaomon PD2200 driver soon and that this lottery game will stop. The graphics tablet arrived very well packaged so that nothing could have happened when it was delivered. You also have two protective films. One should be peeled off at the beginning as always, but there is still one that sticks on from the start, which I only noticed later.

I had a few small problems at the beginning, but they were resolved by the great customer service. You can simply go to the Gaomon website and you will receive an email address there, but you can also ask questions via the website. I was always answered very, very politely and very quickly. Really really great!

The Gaomon PD2200 graphics tablet itself is also extremely great. It’s quite big and the stand is made so that the tablet won’t slip away. I also think the quality is very, very good and it’s also great that you can change the colors so easily. Overall, I am really satisfied.

The only thing I would or can criticize now is that the tips of the pens come off relatively quickly, even if I don’t press so hard and that I don’t get the color set exactly as it is on my laptop. But that’s actually just minor details and overall I’m really extremely satisfied with the graphics tablet and the customer service. Especially for such a small company, just great!


Gaomon PD2200 Driver Download

Gaomon PD2200 Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon PD2200 Tablet Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

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Gaomon PD2200 Windows Driver v14.8.77.1020 – Download

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