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Download Driver Ajazz AJ52 Watcher Gaming Mouse for Windows. With this Ajazz AJ52 I’m satisfied so far. Huge configurability with macros that are easy to reach and activate, good software, unfortunately no RGB-Led-SDK. I already had Ajazz AJ52, but after even both mouse buttons became unreliable (none or too many clicks instead of one), a new one had to be found. It seems to be a more common problem. However, since I don’t know whether it was the same mistake or because I bought a used one, I don’t want to judge it.


Ajazz AJ52 Drivers & Software

In any case, there is now a “remastered” version of the same mouse and I was so used to my old one that I would actually like to have it back. Doesn’t really cost more anyway. The difference to before is practically not noticeable. The dark gray of the mouse is a little less dark, which I personally like. In addition, the sensor should also be new, but since I am not using the maximum DPI anyway, this change went unnoticed.

For me, the mouse’s biggest plus point is its huge configurability. You can give each key a second assignment and switching is extremely easy with the thumb. Whether you mute the microphone in Discord / TS, throw a flash in CS: GO or your own script – Roccat’s software offers an incredible number of ready-made macros and the possibility of creating your own. In my opinion, the mouse has the most potential here, because the number of buttons remains clear due to the second assignment and you don’t have to feel between 8 buttons with your thumb, as with some MMO mice.

The only problem with the setup was when I wanted to use my old mouse profile in the Ajazz AJ52 software. One would think the internal structure differs so little that the old profile can simply be loaded, but it is not. To be precise, loading the old configuration only made the mouse shine, but otherwise made it unusable. I would hope for a little more support from the software, because it loaded the old data and sent it to the new mouse without complaining. With a backup mouse, the problem was relatively easy to solve (create a new profile with default settings and use this).

The only drawback that I’ve found as a generic gamer with a lot of RGB lighting is that Ajazz does not provide an SDK and therefore no interface for manual lighting setting.  The Ajazz AJ52 drivers is not in detail, It’s actually a shame, because applications can set more than just colorful lights for mouse and keyboard lighting and the mouse cannot now be integrated.

If the mouse shows the above-mentioned problems of my old version again, I will adapt my review accordingly. However, I didn’t want to wait 1-2 years to write a review. As the mouse is now, I can definitely recommend it, especially gamer will find a great application for the macros!


Ajazz AJ52 Drivers Download

Ajazz AJ52 – Home Planet–AJ52 Gaming Mouse .zip 3.1MB – Download

Ajazz AJ52 – AJ52 Game mouse driver(PAW3212).zip 2.8MB – Download

Ajazz AJ52 – AJ52 – Mouse Driver.rar 3.5MB – Download

Ajazz AJ52 – AJ52 Gaming mouse driver (new version).rar 3.1MB – Download

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