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IRISCan Express 4 Review

Almost two years ago we presented two portable scanners from the company IRIS, which belongs to the Canon Group. The company is of course constantly developing the devices, which is why we made the decision to take a look at the current product line. Today we start with the portable duplex color scanner IRIScan Executive 4which is only compatible with Windows devices.

Since many of you also use this operating system on your Mac, the latest device should therefore also be interesting on an Apple portal. In another review, we will also present a current device for the Mac, even if the duplex scan, i.e. scanning on both sides, is then omitted. Today’s device also comes with an extensive software package, which we will introduce in this review.

IRISCan Express 4 Display

The IRIScanExecutive 4 duplex color scanner presents itself as usual with a subtle design and consists of high-quality plastic, which shines in the middle with a high-gloss look, while the other areas are implemented in matt. On the centrally placed high-gloss cover we also find a silver lettering with the product name, this can also be folded up, where you can see the technology, such as feed rollers and glass, for the single sheet feed.

Here everything is processed very precisely like on the outer housing itself. In front of the cover, we can also see a turquoise-colored stripe, which is printed with dimensions for different paper formats, here is the paper feed accordingly. The accessibility of the aforementioned internal modules is important for cleaning,

The minimalist design of the IRIScan Executive 4 duplex color scanner also includes the control buttons, well actually it is the only one that is used to switch the device on and also functions as a scan button. This is equipped with a multi-colored LED which lights up blue when switched on and flashes during the scan. Should you ever see a green light, it means that there is a paper jam.

On the left-hand side, the company then installed a micro-USB port for the cable included in the package to connect the scanner to your Windows computer for the transfer, at the same time ensuring the power supply. There is also another opening to the left to secure the device from theft. The IRIScan Executive 4 duplex color scanner has dimensions of 28.95 x 6,


It doesn’t take much effort to be able to carry out your first scans with the IRIScan Executive 4 duplex color scanner. You connect the device to a USB port on your computer with the enclosed cable, then the software suite is downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. For the download, you need a code, which is noted on a piece of paper in the package. The installation file is then opened and the 4 associated programs (Readiris Corporate 14, Button Manager, IRISCompressor Pro, Cardiris Corporate) can be installed.

When the IRISCan Express 4 software is started for the first time, the device is also installed very quickly and easily with Twain drivers and then registered so that you can continue to receive patches and updates in the future. The same applies to the Readiris 14 and IRISCompressor software, where you can also find the activation codes on the same notepad. You have 10 days for this process.


Once the entire software suite has been installed, you can start scanning straight away; it should be noted here that this only works if the IRIScan Executive 4 duplex color scanner is connected to your Windows computer by cable. Theoretically, you can now insert a document into the single sheet feeder and press the scan button. After a successful scan, the associated Readiris Corporate 14 program will open automatically. Incidentally, the correct insertion of the document is confirmed to you with a short feed of the paper. However, we recommend a slightly different approach, in which you first open the software and first make all scan settings here, the settings the last set are saved in the device.

Before you press the scan button in the software, you should first decide between a duplex scan or a simple scan (simplex) of a page. At the same time, you can also specify whether it is a colored or black/white document or you can simply choose the automatic recognition, which worked very reliably with us. Another important setting is the dpi value with which the resolution of the scan is determined; values ​​from 100 to 600 are possible here.

The other settings also include the orientation and view of the scanned pages, but also a cloud setup where you can, for example, save your documents in Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, on an FTP server, and some other services. In the tab “Areas” you can also see the analysis of the page, what is important for the OCR recognition, where you can also optimize it.

While you get very good results with a dpi setting of 200, the whole thing becomes much more precise, sharper, and more detailed from a value of 400 to 600 dpi. The images integrated above have already been significantly reduced in size with the IRISCompressor Pro without noticing any great loss of quality, even if a difference can be recognized. The scanned original file was therefore 5.5 MB with 600 dpi, after processing with the aforementioned tool we ended up with almost 500 kb.

We have nevertheless uploaded the original file to our server, which you can find here:  Sample scan 600 dpi  & sample scan 600 dpi (text), can watch. It should also be mentioned that we have already removed a few white edges from the integrated sample images, but they are not very large, which is achieved with the automatic detection of the document format, which is why there is no adjustment rail in the area of ​​the paper feed. However, this feature could still be optimized a little. If at some point the scan is no longer precise enough, the scanner can also be calibrated with the capture tool.

Another positive thing was the speed of the scanning process, a double-sided scan of one side with a lot of text and the other side with a large image, took just 6 seconds at 200 dpi, the device also works extremely quietly here. If you go to 400 or 600 dpi, the scan process needs a little more time, long, but here with 11 seconds it cannot be mentioned, and the general scanning with the higher dpi settings can be heard a little more clearly than we found unpleasant but by no means.


Before we deal with the OCR recognition of the IRIScan Executive 4 duplex color scanner, we would first like to talk about the design and user interface of the 4 programs. In our opinion, they could definitely get a decent update, which takes care of the design of the software in particular. This doesn’t look really nicely designed, is reminiscent of very old Windows times, and therefore does not fit the modern device at all. Admittedly, we mainly work on a Mac, where the software is generally a bit fancier, but there are now many programs for Windows that also look modern, so the company should optimize this.

The user interface also needs some training, here too there are sometimes unfavorable positions of menu items, who have unnecessarily extended our training period, here too there is still room for improvement. The latter particularly affects Readiris Corporate 14, which can be seen as the main program of the scanner. However, once you have familiarized yourself with the software, it becomes quite easy to use.

In addition to the duplex scan, another important feature is the OCR recognition, which not only allows you to digitize your documents but also to edit them on the computer. To use this, start Readiris Corporate 14 and start scanning your document as normal. This then appears after short processing within the software and is marked here directly, i.e. recognized images and texts are displayed in different color frames, the recognition is very precise.

You also have the option of adjusting the frames that have been set. With the OCR wizard, which is somewhat hidden and is called up via the IRIS button on the left, the document can now be saved as a Word document, for example, where it can then be further processed.

Finished scans can also be saved in their own program format in order to be able to edit them later; PDF, JPEG, and some other formats are also possible. With the OCR assistant you can also call up finished, secured scans, this also applies, for example, to PDF files, where you can see them with appropriate OCR markings after opening before you then save in a format where further processing is possible.


Another useful tool is the Button Manager, which is also part of the software scope of the IRIScan Executive 4 duplex color scanner. With these, you get almost 9 shortcuts, which appear in the form of a small window. If the scanner is connected, you press the Google Drive button, for example, and the scan is saved directly in the online cloud.

With the first scan, your access data to Google Drive would of course have to be deposited. This also works with services like Dropbox, FTP, and a few others. This is practical because you can save yourself a step here, and after the scan, the program asks whether you want to insert more documents. The last settings made in Readiris Corporate 14 are also used for the scan process.


We also find the Cardiris Corporate program, with which scanned business cards can also be processed very easily. Here, too, the company offers you OCR recognition and allows you to convert these into electronic contacts, which can then be used in Outlook, for example – sync with Google, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are also possible. You can of course save these in a few other formats such as PDF, Excel, etc. on your computer.

The IRISCompressor Pro, which you can use to work with the IRIScan Executive 4 duplex color scanner created documents, but also existing on the computer, can be drastically reduced in size. We already mentioned the integrated example, where you can look at the processed result in the best possible way. Another practical feature here is that you can load several documents into the software in order to compress them together, and the resulting PDF files can also still be searched.

The IRISCan Express 4 software is particularly useful when you want to send documents by email, as the transmission is then much faster, and a lot of providers have a maximum limit. But the tool can also be of great help for computers or notebooks with little memory space, with a significant reduction in memory size. As mentioned, If the quality of the compressed document is somewhat poor, it is still clearly legible, so that it should be more than sufficient for archiving. In addition to PDF documents, you can also convert files in JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF format into a compressed PDF document, for example.


The IRIScan Executive 4 duplex color scanner shines in a well-made housing as usual, which looks modern and is also beautifully compact. Using just one button is more than easy, thanks to automatic file format recognition you don’t have to worry about anything when inserting your document. The IRISCan Express 4 software package also offers many options for editing the scanned documents, even if the user interface and design still definitely have room for improvement. But once you have found your way around, the work goes very quickly.

The small device scores particularly well with its fast and clean scans and its good OCR recognition, with which further processing in other programs is then easily possible. The services offered for online clouds and Outlook integration are also practical, this also applies to the Compressor and the Button Manager. From our side, there is therefore only a little criticism of the software, whereby it does not affect any problems during the scanning or further processing so that you can easily reach for this device if you are interested.

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