Jelly Comb AMCap Driver 1080P HD Webcam

Download Driver Jelly Comb AMCap V3.0.9 for Windows. I was looking for a replacement for my old Logitech webcam because the 720p recordings are simply no longer up to date. Unfortunately, cameras from this brand in HD are absurdly expensive at the moment. I find the picture, the autofocus and the exposure absolutely satisfactory, even the sound is OK, even if the built-in microphone is not that important to me, since I usually work with an external microphone. A tripod thread was important for me, otherwise the camera tends to wobble when I just clip it to the screen.


Jelly Comb AMCap Camera Drivers & Quick Review

The camera is plug & play, I had no problems starting it up. The picture is the right way round, but unfortunately a bit too wide-angled for me. What I don’t like is that there is no driver or software for it. This means that under Windows 10 you cannot simply zoom in or mirror the image. There are meeting clients that mirror the image on their own, with the Logitech webcam software I could simply mirror the image and everything was correct again. This should be possible with external software such as OBS, but that would be like shooting at sparrows with cannons.

As a test I once held the camera closer to my face. With a distance to the face of approx. 40 cm instead of 80 cm, the image section would fit. Then I would have the thing right in front of my nose. The offered Jelly Comb AMCap software “Webcam_Driver_AMCap_V3.0.9.exe” can be saved under Windows 10. Also, no zoom is possible and the maximum resolution is 640 * 480 (why buy an HD cam). The video was recorded with the Windows 10 camera app, the sound comes from the webcam. No artificial light. I think the webcam is OK for the price, but I would like a driver software with the ability to zoom.

Super easy installation, you just need to plug in the USB connector, everything is ok, at least with Windows 10 it is like that. And as usual, the camera arrived within a day, packaging was also good. Visually, the camera could be a little more modern and compact, but it doesn’t matter on a 24 inch monitor.

Easy to attach using a folding mechanism. However, I doubt that the bracket on a laptop monitor will last long. But they are usually equipped with a camera. As far as I can tell, the picture and sound quality is more than sufficient for Skype and MS Teams. With autofocus and automatic adjustment to the lighting conditions, you don’t need to set anything.

The Jelly Comb AMCap camera was recognized under Windows 10 in a very short time. The Windows drivers worked immediately, so no long search for something suitable online. I’ve already made a few video calls and I’m absolutely satisfied.
All in all, there is nothing wrong with the camera for the price. Sure, the above-mentioned design features could be better, but if that bothered me, I would have to spend significantly more on the device.

Overall I already have the mouse from Jelly Comb and I am absolutely thrilled with the products of this company! While looking for a suitable and inexpensive webcam, I came across this product and I am thrilled! Great recording quality at a more than fair price! In the home office I have many ZOOM conferences every day. Very good video quality! And no problem with Windows 10! Simply plugged in and immediately recognized! That’s why I give this Jelly Comb AMCap 5 stars!


Jelly Comb AMCap Driver Download (Software Version 3.0.9)

Webcam AMCap V3.0.9 – Download

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