Linksys EA6900 Firmware Update

This Linksys router convinced us because of the features described and various tests on the Internet. In any case, it keeps what is promised and is also easy to use and performs significantly better than other devices in the price range.


Linksys EA6900 Quick Review

The Linksys EA6900 commissioning is as simple as possible and consists of plugging in the power and Ethernet cable. Then you can either connect devices and get started right away or you can continue to deal with the network settings (expressly recommended). But it is also possible without having to deal with the interface or menus for hours and may not be as easy for inexperienced users as a FritzBox, for example, but in my opinion it offers more and deeper options.

The enormous radio coverage provided by the three adjustable antennas is also maintained without any problems and I still have very good reception and sufficient bandwidth (40 Mbit / s) even at a distance of 25m in the garden. The purchase was very worthwhile and I can recommend the product to everyone (possibly a little training period for inexperienced people). The router is in 24/7 operation with me and handles up to 20 devices in “QoS” including streaming and other HA applications.

Another plus point goes to the simple and chic design, the Linksys EA6900 router fits perfectly into a modern house and is hardly noticeable. Technical problems have not occurred so far.


Linksys EA6900 Function

After my old Cisco only allowed me to use the WLAN every now and then and all devices were “thrown out” again and again, something new was needed! I could have bought a device for 30 €, the price is steep! After 2 months in operation, I am fully satisfied with the part! I divided the channels 2.4 and 5Ghz into stationary (5Ghz) and mobile (2.4Ghz).

The 5 GHz range can be reached quickly but hardly after a concrete wall. That’s why TV, Bose and Co. (all in the same room as the AC1900) hang in the 5Ghz range. iPhones and iPads in 2.4. I only turn on the guest WiFi when there are guests. The point hangs on the “pin board” for all to see. Switching the guest WiFi on and off is easily done via the app! The app is great. The Linksys EA6900 connection was not even broken in the 2 months, no “restart” was necessary! I have connected a WDMyCloud to the device, which I can access from “anywhere” without any problems! I am very satisfied, the expenditure was worth it.

This is an awesome router and the setup will be a breeze even for non-techy guys. I had to return this back, but not because of any problems with it, but my room mate too had bought the same one and we ended up with two sets of the same router.

This router is very convenient to have the DD-WRT firmware installed and after installing this, there is going to be a lot you can do with this router and something similar to the high-end routers. Just as a warning because I wrongly assumed that the two antennas of the Linksys WiFi router EA6100 are unfortunately not removable as on the similar looking Linksys AP WAP300N. This is not a problem in the present application, but I usually only buy WiFi hardware where the antennas can also be exchanged for external antennas and / or directional antennas if necessary.

The VPN connections are very stable, no outrage in 4 weeks being constantly online. I’ve noticed that powering those Linksys boxes off and on each day is not advisable, the internet connection seemed to be unreliable then, so they are now running 24/7 and since then no complains at all.


Linksys EA6900 Firmware Download

Version 2.0

FIRMWARE Ver. – Latest Date: 3/22/2018 – Download 32.3 MB

IMPORTANT: The EA6900 v2 firmware is not compatible with the EA6900 v1.


Version 1.1

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to upgrade the firmware of your router using the Auto Update feature. However, if you prefer to do manual updates and your router is on or older, YOU MUST download and update your router using firmware version first before loading the latest firmware.

NOTE: If you need any assistance in manually updating your firmware, please contact Linksys Support. If you want to upgrade the firmware using the Auto Update feature.

FIRMWARE (FOR US) Ver. 1.1.43 (Build 182871) – Latest Date: 8/15/2017 – Download 16.4 MB

FIRMWARE (FOR OTHER REGIONS) – Ver. 1.1.43 (Build 182871) – Latest Date: 8/15/2017 – Download 16.3 MB

FIRMWARE Ver. 1.1.42 (Build 174776) – Latest Date: 9/5/2016 – Download 15.4 MB

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