Logitech G300s Driver

Download Driver Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse with 9 Programmable Buttons, Onboard Memory. I ordered the G300s as a replacement for my G203 because I was not at all satisfied with it. The first impression is solid as usual, but Logitech has also been known in the last few years that they save a bit on the inside. Even if this mouse is not much longer than the G203, it is still much better in the hand (even for people who prefer the claw grip), which is due to its much more ergonomic shape on the one hand, and in contrast to the G203 it has a rubberized surface.


Logitech G300s Drivers & Short Review

Sure, the sensor of the 300s can’t match the sensor of the 203, 8000 vs 2500 dpi, but I’ve been gambling for so long and have never needed more than 4000 dpi. For me, LED lighting is also a trend that has been going on for years but also seems useless if you just want to play. In the case of the 300s, however, this makes partial sense, although only 7 permanently defined colors can be selected (and 1x for completely off) these can then also be freely selected for three 3 different Dpi/setting modes.

Example: Red with 4x individual high dpi settings but only a low signal rate or green with 4x low dpi settings but a very high signal rate. So you can always see your profile based on the color, simple but good. Regarding this Logitech G300s, I have to say that even if many write otherwise in the reviews, the mouse is also suitable for medium hands! I would say I have medium-sized hands and it just fits me, but if you are really above average, you should be careful. I hope I don’t get cramps like the G 203. Because of the size of this mouse, it fit him perfectly. However, I have to say that it is not really suitable for larger hands.

About the Logitech G300s mouse itself: It arrived here neatly packaged in a plastic sleeve. The mouse made a good visual impression and, as we know it from Logitech mice, was ready for use very quickly and without any additional installation. The additional keys are sometimes a bit impractical, at least for gaming, but perfectly suited for everyday use.

The Logitech G300s mouse has been in use for about 2 years now and it now shows the first quirks/defects, which is completely normal in this price range. Nevertheless, all functions can still be used and the mouse stroke still works quite well. The buttons themselves can easily be programmed for your own purposes using the driver or the associated software. The bottom line is that this mouse is very well suited for normal everyday use and especially for smaller hands and therefore has a good price/performance ratio.

After I usually use a wireless Logitech mouse (MX1100) in everyday life, which turned out to be not really suitable for games due to the laser sensor, I ordered the G300s as a “second mouse” for gaming six months ago.

You can tell that the mouse is not one of the most expensive in its class. The most obvious is the really cheap-looking scroll wheel, which unfortunately doesn’t even support lateral scrolling. However, the basic processing quality is quite good, the symmetrical shape makes the mouse also suitable for left-handers who actually want to operate their mouse with their left hand.

The storable presets are really fun if you want to assign different special functions to the buttons and, if necessary, specify a different resolution for different situations. The sensor itself does a good job. I’m definitely not a pro gamer, but it works great for my needs, significantly better than the MX1100.

So everything is great? Almost. After years of being used to a wireless mouse, I was afraid that the cable would interfere. Unfortunately, this fear has turned out to be worse than expected. The cable is so stiff and stubborn that the relatively light mouse is essentially no “adversary”. So there are always situations in which the mouse, after you let go of it, automatically pushes itself into a different position through the cable. I thought I could get used to that, but to be honest, I find it increasingly difficult. I should probably invest a few euros for a wireless gaming mouse after all. In summary, a somewhat limited recommendation for the actually successful G300s, due to the stubborn cable.


Logitech G300s Software Download

Logitech G300s – Logitech Gaming Software Download – File Size: 119.4 MB

Software Version: 8.82.151 – OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10

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