Logitech G502 Driver + Manual

Download Driver Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED for Windows. As a recommendation of a colleague who had the same problem as me: When working on image editing or other graphics for a long time, at some point the right hand causes problems up to tendonitis on the forearm. Every inaccuracy of the mouse, a delayed click, a movement of the mouse pointer that is not 100% synchronous becomes annoying if you work with it on the PC for an extremely long time!


Logitech G502 Drivers & Quick Review

This Logitech G502 mouse is perfect, even on 10-hour shifts. I can’t say much about technology, and to be honest, I don’t care if it lies comfortably in the hand and effortlessly does what it’s supposed to. Unfortunately, this was not the case with any of the countless predecessor mice: therefore an insider tip for Mac and Win even for non-gamers.

First of all, I am very enthusiastic about this Logitech G502 mouse and especially about the many different options for assigning the keys. If you need different settings or assignments for several games, you can easily create several profiles and easily switch between them at the push of a button.

In addition, the supplied weights are very practical, as you can easily regulate how much weight you want in the mouse. The mouse is also very comfortable to hold, so longer gaming sessions are not a problem. The mouse is also particularly suitable for Fortnite, as you can assign the many buttons with the building slots and thus build pretty quickly.

The Logitech G502 mouse wheel function, in which you can unlock the mouse wheel so that the mouse wheel simply scrolls, is quite useful on long websites and when you just want to quickly go up or down without scrolling a lot. The only negative point that struck me is that if you have assigned functions to all keys, you tend to accidentally come across keys in an intensive match, this has happened to me very often. This can be easily remedied by not assigning all the keys at once.

Logitech G502 Pros:

  • – Many options for key assignment
  • – You can easily create several mouse profiles and switch back and forth between them at the push of a button
  • – The weights provided can be easily adjusted
  • – Particularly recommended for building in Fortnite
  • – Lies comfortably in the hand
  • – Switchable mouse wheel

Logitech G502 Cons:

  • – When all keys are assigned, it often happens that you accidentally press a key.

The Logitech G502 mouse has I really liked it and I still use it and have directly replaced it with my old gaming mouse. Anyone who wants a high-quality and sophisticated gaming mouse is well served here. These keys are worth their weight in gold, especially for quick reactions in the game. I can only recommend this mouse and for the relatively low price it is really unbeatable.

Logitech G502 Software & Function

For me there is no better gaming and work mouse. The ergonomy and precision and the feel are very good. The reason why I bought this successor are the 50 million clicks compared to the 20 million from the old mouse. I can’t understand this durability. A perfect combination with the Logitech G440 hard gaming mouse pad and mousebungee. To improve the gliding ability, you can do SIL of K2 on the pad.

The mouse is worth every penny! So I am very satisfied with the mouse. It is well made, there are no keys wobbling and there are no gaps or anything like that. I already had the original G502 (the very first one) and it should now be replaced because after 3-4 years and several 1000 hours of use it didn’t look that fresh anymore. Now I actually wanted to try something other than Logitech, which is why I first bought the Roccat Kone Aimo.

But the Kone is neither valuable nor particularly robust. After exchanging it twice because of a double-click defect, I have now decided on the G502 Hero. BUT all this nonsense about a new sensor, more DPI, etc. It feels exactly like the old G502 and is just as precise. In other words, when it comes to gaming you don’t notice a difference and Logitech? This nonsense with 16000 DPI. Why? Who uses more than 5000 DPI? I don’t know anyone who plays over 1500 DPI and I’ve been to several multi gaming clans and should have played with several 100 players. So if you don’t necessarily need the latest and get a well-preserved 1st generation G502 for less than 30 €, you can also take it. Overall this Logitech G502 is awesome!


Logitech G502 Driver & Software Download

Logitech G502 LightSpeed Manual PDF

Logitech G502 Gaming Software for Windows 32-bit – Download

Logitech G502 Gaming Software for Windows 64-bit – Download

Logitech G502 G HUB Software Download

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