Logitech G602: Without annoying cables

With the G602 gaming mouse, Logitech offers an exciting rodent without annoying cables. Long battery life in the test, eleven programmable function keys, excellent signal rate and dynamic DPI controls make the G602 a versatile rodent.

  • Pros:
    Long battery life
    Comfortably placed buttons
    Freely programmable
    Great coverage
    Plug & Play with full functionality
  • Cons:
    Maximum 2,500 DPI
    Not for glass surfaces
    Cannot be charged during operation


The manufacturer Logitech promises the G602 around 250 hours of continuous operation. 1,440 hours should be possible if you switch to endurance mode. After a week and a half of operation at around 8 hours a day, the charge level still showed the full four stripes and we therefore rate the manufacturer’s information as realistic. Two AA batteries are responsible for this long-term operation.

Logitech G602: For real gamers

The G602 has many features that one would expect from a modern gamer mouse. The sensor DPI (maximum 2,500 DPI) can be changed in five steps using two easily accessible function keys. This makes it easy to switch between an accurate sniper view and responsive level navigation.

Handy rodent

The processing of the G602 is pleasing to the eye and the hand: the design in black, silver and graphite is appealingly subtle and the mouse is easy to grip. The six programmable side buttons are easily accessible with the thumb and thumb joint. Only the outermost key required small contortions.

High quality

The robust housing and the surface feel good: The surfaces for the thumb, ring and little fingers are pleasantly rough. The area under the palm is made of water-repellent material that does not stick even in hot battles. Overall, the G602 is comfortable to hold for every type of mouse user, except for left-handers. They can’t use the asymmetrical design.

Not a high-end laser

Compared to other mice in the price range, the rather mediocre maximum resolution of only 2,500 DPI is striking. In addition, the sensor is not suitable for glass surfaces. All eleven buttons can be freely programmed using extensive software and offer practical preconfigurations. These are immediately available after being plugged in under Windows 7 and Mac OS X. Software and detailed functional information are only available online. The instructions are almost useless.

Low latency times

The signal rate is a small highlight: with a latency of just 2 ms, the wireless connection in the 2.4 GHz range is almost as fast as data transfer with a USB mouse. You can also comfortably distance yourself from the computer: With a well-aligned receiver, the range of up to three meters specified by the manufacturer was even exceeded in the test.

Alternative: Logitech G700

The Logitech G700 does not have weeks of battery life, but offers an on-the-fly charging cable, 13 programmable buttons, a constant signal rate of just one millisecond, two scroll modes for the mouse wheel and a resolution of up to 8200 DPI. In our price comparison, the G700 currently costs only a little more than the G602 around 77 euros.

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