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Download Driver Logitech G703 for Windows & Mac. Looking for a new gaming mouse, I ended up at Logitech once again. Some YouTubers said that there was practically no difference to a wired mouse, so I dared the experiment. As usual, the mouse would be delivered quickly and securely packaged. The packaging makes a high-quality impression.


Logitech G703 Drivers & Review

The connection and the “start-up” was very easy. Thanks to the good Logitech gaming software, the mouse can be configured as desired. But how does it fare in practice? Extremely good! I have been playing different shooters for over 15 years, some in different national and international leagues. My requirements are therefore very high. And to my surprise, I couldn’t find ANY disadvantages compared to a wired mouse. The response time is extremely good and the lack of a cable means that you can move the mouse even faster without the cable getting stuck anywhere.

The ergonomics are very good for me as a right-hander. The battery life is also really excellent and no comparison to the wireless mice of the past. Only the mouse wheel is relatively stiff and loud, which is why I subtract a point. That bothers a lot and was also the reason why I sent them back. All in all, a good mouse other than the mouse wheel. Therefore there is a very good 4 stars and a recommendation.

Logitech G703 is excellent mouse and has high-precision. This was not ideal for me as a right-hander, which is why I switched to this Logitech G703. Great mouse with few buttons, not that jagged either. I don’t use macros. And the range of buttons is enough for me when playing games. I really like the small depression in the two keys. So the fingers are well embedded. The only drawback, I occasionally accidentally catch the thumb buttons, which were a little higher on the 903. Otherwise the 703 version is identical in terms of precision and gliding ability.

Logitech G703 Software & Function

Feels great, just too perfect in the hand. High quality, ergonomic, and glides great. I only need 5 buttons and they are ideally located on this mouse. The mouse reacts quickly, precisely and is quiet. Unfortunately, it only has a running time of 40 hours and as soon as it is attached to the cable, I think some of the positive aspects have disappeared. With a cable, it becomes significantly bulkier and slower.

Without a suitable power play mat you cannot use the mouse ideally and such a mat costs a mere 90 €. Unfortunately I sold myself and thought another Qi compatible mouse pad would work (Corsair MMX1000) but unfortunately that was a misjudgment on my part, because Powerplay is its own system and not compatible with the Qi standard. The Logitech G703 software, G-Hub, gave me the last remainder. Logitech 6, put! You get something like that at school for an undetectable performance, because the software could be installed, but not run despite multiple and intensive attempts

The flyweight can keep up with my predecessor (Zowie, old age of the cable) without any problems. To be honest, it was more of a makeshift purchase. But it feels good in the hand and even though it’s wireless, I can’t find any lag or disadvantages in shooters. The pixels are shot out just as quickly as before. Surprisingly, it was almost unnecessary to get used to AIM between the models.

The Logitech G703 battery life is really very good (the mouse is also switched off every time the PC is switched off.) The skates or the mouse run / runs well on my QcK + The mouse wheel can be turned ideally, which makes changing weapons, for example, really very pleasant and liquid. The Logitech G703 sensor does an extremely good job of low-sense. I can’t say anything about high-sense. I also like the display of a low battery charge directly on the mouse wheel. So far, this Logitech G703 mouse has made a rock-solid impression and is more than just a positive surprise. The long-term test will show whether it keeps what it currently promises.

This Logitech G703 mouse is suitable for people with large to medium-sized hands and I would recommend a palm or claw grip if you are using it to get the most out of it. In my opinion, this mouse is less suitable for small hands or players who prefer a finger grip.

The additional freely programmable buttons are easily accessible and their feel is unbeatable. It is only important to use “Logitech G Hub” as software and NOT “Logitech Gaming Software” so that the mouse can be recognized without any problems. Despite the fact that it’s a wireless mouse, I don’t notice any delays. I can’t say anything about the battery life because I use the Powerplay Mousepad. The price is of course not without, but I am a big fan of not having to worry about charging the mouse.

With the Logitech GHub software you can adjust the mouse properly to your needs. I think it’s great and I’ve never had such a precise and ingenious mouse. It is also a boon for graphic applications that you can set the accuracy (dpi) with which the mouse moves over the screen, madness. And that without cables! Small drawback: the height is a little bit too high for my rather small hand, probably a matter of getting used to. The price is really steep, but I have indulged myself and do not regret it! But as a tip: without the Logitech Ghub software you cannot fully use the mouse; you should definitely install it on your PC or Mac for personal settings.

After initial difficulties (the first mouse partially scrolled up, when you scrolled down, it was probably a Monday product, I haven’t had any such problems with the mouse since then) I’m still excited about this mouse. It just looks great, sits comfortably in the hand and the battery lasts (sufficiently) for a long time. My only gripe would be the weight, the mMn. Could be a bit more difficult, but that’s a complaint at a high level. I haven’t had any connection problems with the computer, overall I’m super satisfied.

Logitech G703 Rating

Initially I actually wanted to order the G Pro, but then decided on this one and what can I say, I don’t regret it a bit. The battery lasts for 5 days with activated RGB lighting, then simply charge it overnight or just continue to play with the cable for a few hours.

Logitech G703 Ergonomics: The mouse lies comfortably in the hand, has the best number of buttons for my needs and simply feels high-quality. The bike is a little harder to push, but I like that a lot.

Logitech G703 Software: I can’t fully understand the bad reviews because I think the G HUB software is very good. You can set the color and brightness of the logo and the mouse wheel individually, add effects or simply synchronize it with other Logitech products. DPI lets you regulate from 100 – 16,000, save and then easily switch at the touch of a button.

Logitech G703 Connection: I haven’t had any problems with the connection so far and don’t feel any difference to a wired mouse. Everything perfect!

If you are looking for a new wireless mouse, I can unreservedly recommend this Logitech G703. So below is the drivers and software.


Logitech G703 Software Download & Drivers


Logitech G703 Manual PDF

Mac Software:

Logitech Gaming Software for Mac

Logitech G HUB Mac OS

Windows Software:

Logitech Gaming Software for Windows 32-bit – Download

Logitech Gaming Software for Windows 64-bit – Download

Logitech G HUB – Download

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