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Download Software Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse for Windows. Since I now have to work from home in the home office and have received a laptop from my company, a wireless mouse was needed. I discovered this Logitech M185 and since the price was reduced I took it. The brand is well-known and leaves no reason for deficiency.


Logitech M185 Drivers & Review

The Logitech M185 USB connector is hidden in the belly of the mouse and a battery is already included so that it can be used immediately. Simply plug in the USB connector and the laptop immediately recognized it and was able to use it. The gray black look is simple and neutral. The mouse lies very comfortably in the hand and it rests very well on it. The reaction of the mouse is also enormous and so you can do your work very well and properly.

Due to Logitech M185 size, this Logitech mouse model is the first choice for me when traveling, small, but not too small, a good resolution, so that even small areas are sufficient for movement; On the Mac (with the mouse movement set to high), the smallest distances are sufficient. From my point of view, the battery life is very good – every now and then I change the battery, the range is enormous, although that is rather subordinate.

Due to the size, it is more something for small hands when it comes to long-term use, such as games, but otherwise always gladly taken and due to the price, you also like to put a mouse down here and there for convenience To support adapter change; Incidentally, they are obviously linked to the respective mouse or have different IDs etc. because the mice do not interfere with each other.

I wanted a small computer mouse that I can take with me and use at any time without any problems. With this Logitech M185 mouse I found the right product. It was delivered quickly and easily. The USB connection to the mouse is hidden in a small compartment, which I personally think is great because I can’t lose it during transport. The mouse itself is small, but still feels good in the hand. My PC found it quickly without any problems and since then I have been using it almost every day when I work at the table and PC.

I am absolutely thrilled with the mouse. I use Logitech M185 on my laptop and I have to rely on a small mouse, as I often don’t have a work surface, but use the mouse on the lower palm of my laptop. The fact that the mouse is so small makes it ideal for this.


Logitech M185 Software & Function

The USB receiver can be safely stowed in the battery compartment of the mouse, making it ideal for transport. A separate driver installation was not necessary under Windows or Linux. The mouse reacts quickly and reliably to both systems. You really couldn’t ask for more from a mouse in this price range.

Finally a cheap wireless mouse that really convinces me. In the last few years I unfortunately had frequent bad purchases, either the products were very short-lived, caused technical problems or the quality was simply poor. I am completely satisfied with this mouse, it lies comfortably in the hand, the controls are precise and the scroll wheel is very pleasant to use. The material doesn’t feel cheap, the mouse is just the right weight, so the movements are very fluid. also runs well on smooth surfaces.

Logitech M185 looks good, it’s cheap, what more could you want. I’ve tried several and I have to say that it works really well. It is also very light and you don’t have the feeling of pushing a stone back and forth. That was the reason why I sent the Logitech M705 back.

The only drawback, but that is a purely subjective criterion, so no star deduction – it is just a little too small for me and therefore probably a little uncomfortable in the long run with a lot of work. In any case, it stays with me, because at least for my notebook on the go, it is perfect! Logitech M185 is already the third of these mice and i love them because they fit perfectly in my little hand and are so beautiful and easy to use. I can’t complain about the longevity and more about my cats, who like to push these parts off the table, which of course is not very beneficial for them. the last one survived several crashes before malfunctioning. the current one is very much guarded and therefore hopefully live longer. I hope these little parts still exist because they are really good.

Many peoples didn’t want a mouse that was too big because I get along better with smaller ones. I’ve been using a corded Logitech mouse for years, so I decided on a cordless Logitech mouse. The Logitech M185 mouse connects without any problems and very quickly, the cursor glides across the screen without hooking or jumping. The keys neither have too much resistance, nor are they too “smooth”. The wheel scrolls perfectly.

Overall a small and handy and cleverly implemented, the USB receiver is located on the back inside the mouse for storage and is not lost over time. The Logitech M185 battery seems to last forever and because a normal AA battery can be inserted and no special rechargeable batteries are required, it can also be replaced at the petrol station at the weekend. I like the Logitech M185 very much and I already had some predecessors from Logitech, I can only recommend the product and the brand!


Logitech M185 Driver Download & Software

Logitech M185 for Mac OS

Logitech Options – Software Version: 8.36.76 OS: macOS 11.0,macOS 10.15,macOS 10.14 File Size: 124 MB Download

Logitech M185 for Windows

Set Point – Software Version: 6.69.123 OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 File Size: 82.6 MB Download

Logitech Options – Software Version: 8.36.86 OS: Windows 7,Windows 10 File Size: 202 MB Download

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