Oppo Find X2 Pro – The unseen superstar?

The other manufacturers have to dress warmly, because the new flagship Oppo Find X2 Pro does a lot of things right. It starts with the unusual design with the back made of “vegan leather”. The display is top notch and the camera does a very good job. The loading times are also extremely short thanks to the top performance. Incidentally, this also applies to the battery, which recharges at lightning speed. At the top of this, however, is the price of the smartphone.

  • Pros:
    Great camera quality
    Lightning-fast charging battery
    Top performance
  • Cons:
    Battery life “only” average
    No more headphone jack
    Very expensive introductory price

Oppo Find X2 Pro Review: The slightly different back of the phone

Oppo is not yet a particularly widespread brand in this country. The manufacturer has been producing smartphones for many years, but the first attempt to establish itself successfully on the market in Europe failed. But despite the failed attempt, the manufacturer is now trying again and wants to show the competitors from Apple and Samsung with the Oppo Find X2 Pro where the hammer is.

In terms of design, the flagship stands out from the crowd: The frame is made of metal and colored rose gold. In addition, the back of the flagship cell phone is not made of glossy or matt glass, as is usually the case, but of a type of artificial leather, which Oppo calls “vegan leather”. The orange color highlights the smartphone very much, the material feels pleasant. It also provides more grip in the hand and on the table, so you don’t really need a cell phone case for this purpose. At 207 grams it weighs enough for that.

Bright, sharp, and fluid: the Oppo Find X2 Pro’s display is impressive

Oppo did not save on the display with its new top smartphone. As is now common with high-end cell phones, the manufacturer relies on OLED technology and, with a diagonal of 6.7 inches, it also follows the trend of ever-larger screens. Operating with one hand is no longer possible here either.

With a display-to-surface ratio of over 87 percent and an aspect ratio of 19.8: 9, the user often has the feeling of almost only holding the display in his hand. Only on the upper and lower edge is a narrow black border and a hole in the display in the upper left corner houses the front camera.

We can’t complain about the quality of the screen: The QHD + resolution (3,168 x 1,440 pixels) brings it to an excellent sharp 519.72 PPI. In addition, the refresh rate is a brisk 120 Hertz and even manages it at full resolution. Not even the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can do that. Animations and movements appear soft as butter even at full resolution. In addition, the manufacturer installs its own chip, which can interpolate videos with 30 FPS to 60 FPS and videos with 60 FPS to 120 FPS through the permanent calculation of intermediate frames.

In terms of colors and brightness, the Oppo Find X2 Pro does not disappoint either: the display can be manually calibrated to up to 476.8 cd/m². The screen boosts itself up to 716.3 cd/m² if the ambient light situation requires it. It doesn’t quite come close to the values ​​of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it still offers enough power to remain legible even in difficult lighting conditions. The same applies to the colors: the sRGB color space is covered by the Oppo Find X2 Pro’s display with 138.6 percent, and the dcip3 color space required for HDR videos is fully met.

The battery amazes in several ways

With a capacity of 4,200 mAh, the battery of the Oppo Find X2 Pro offers a decent capacity, which the hardware also needs. In our test, it was able to keep the flagship alive for an acceptable 9:26 hours with a set frame rate of 60 Hertz. To our surprise, the running time is shortened by around a quarter of an hour to 9:10 hours when using 120 Hertz. Despite twice the refresh rate, the smartphone lasts almost as long with a full battery charge. Other smartphones run out of juice much faster.

Speaking of running out of juice: If the battery in the Oppo Find X2 Pro is empty, it must be recharged via cable. Due to the special nature of the back, wireless charging is not on board. The included charger can compensate for this somewhat: it has an output of 65 watts. So it is not surprising that the battery is fully charged again after just 47 minutes. But even if there is only half an hour to charge, the Oppo is almost completely back on the line at 90 percent.

The Find X2 Pro is fast!

So far, the specs of the Oppo Find X2 Pro sound very promising. In terms of performance, too, the line continues to persist, because the manufacturer has not cut back on the computing hardware either. The current Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 865 provides the necessary power. It works with eight processing cores and has a clock rate of up to 2.84 gigahertz. The flagship does not need to hide from the best of the best from Huawei, Apple, and Samsung.

This is also supported by the twelve gigabytes of RAM that Oppo built into the Find X2 Pro. We did not notice any stuttering, unexpected loading times, or irregular animations in the test; the device literally runs through all the tasks that are given to it. So it is not surprising that the Oppo flagship has fully loaded and rendered our complex test PDF file after just 3.2 seconds. And for all number nerds: the smartphone also achieved an incredible 11,459 points in PCMark for Android. To put it briefly: The Find X2 Pro leaves little to be desired in terms of performance.

The focus is similar to a DSLR camera

The rear camera system of the Oppo Find X2 Pro consists of three camera lenses. In addition to the wide-angle camera with 48 megapixels, the manufacturer also installs an ultra-wide-angle to capture more content in an image and a telephoto lens. This works similar to the current top models from Samsung and Huawei and directs the light by 90 degrees before it hits the image sensor. Thus the path of light is lengthened. The result is a five-fold lossless zoom factor. The wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens are optically stabilized. The camera system also enables video recordings of up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

The results are quite impressive: In good light situations, the Oppo shoots fabulous pictures, which are particularly impressive with their excellent level of detail. The Find X2 Pro also makes use of what is known as pixel binning technology, in which four recorded image pixels are combined into one. The finished images thus have a resolution of 12 megapixels despite the 48-megapixel sensor. The very limited focal plane, similar to a real DSLR camera, is a bit noticeable. The picture is therefore not sharp on all levels, but overall it can easily keep up with other flagships.

This also applies to pictures in dark surroundings. If the smartphone is stationary, for example on a tripod or a flat surface, the pictures taken in low light are convincing across the board. However, if the Find X2 Pro does not stand still, the image quality decreases significantly and is only in the midfield. We were able to determine a similar pattern in the test with the Huawei P40 Pro.

For all selfie lovers: The built-in front camera in the display shoots useful results, even if, like many other smartphones, there is no autofocus. So not all results are always very sharp.

The Oppo lacks (almost) nothing

Oppo is serious and has installed a 512-gigabyte memory in the Find X2 Pro. It offers more than enough space for all kinds of apps, music, and pictures. The fact that the smartphone has no expandable memory is probably acceptable in this case. It offers space for two SIM cards, one of which supports the new 5G network standard as standard.

In terms of connectivity, the Oppo flagship offers everything your heart desires. The smartphone receives all common WLAN bands and, in addition to the ac standard, even WLAN-ax. The Find X2 Pro also fully supports the LTE bands commonly used in Germany and achieves speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps for download and 300 Mbps for upload.

The Bluetooth version (Bluetooth 5.1) and the USB port (USB-C 3.1) are also brand new. Of course, there is also NFC. Top speakers and an IP 68 certification are also on board, but you shouldn’t take your smartphone with you into the shower due to the synthetic leather back.

The fingerprint sensor installed under the display works on an optical basis and is not extraordinarily fast, but very reliable. It is a good alternative to face recognition, which in the Find X2 Pro only works on a two-dimensional level.

Oppo Find X2 Pro: The Google Play Store is still available

Although the also Chinese manufacturer Huawei is no longer allowed to use the Google Play services due to the trade dispute between China and the USA, the Oppo Find X2 Pro continues to come with the Play Store. The manufacturer relies on the latest Android 10 Q and combines the software with the in-house interface ColorOS 7.1. This comes mainly with some very round and beautiful animations, as well as useful features and functions for the mobile phone. However, it takes a bit of getting used to optically if you are switching from an Apple, Samsung or standard Android smartphone, because it looks a bit playful in some places.

With an RRP of 1,199 euros, the smartphone is not only at the top of the test, but also in terms of price. It has to face the best from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Co. In the test, the Oppo by no means coped with this task badly. Even the scope of delivery is exceptionally large: In addition to the headphones supplied, the flagship also comes with a transparent protective cover and a pre-installed screen protector, albeit not with a jack adapter. The Oppo no longer has a headphone jack either. One thing is certain: the other manufacturers have to dress warmly. The smartphone will be available in stores from May this year.

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