Pictek Gaming Mouse Driver T16/PC205

Pictek PC205 Drivers & Software. In advance, I am not a person who plays for hours. every now and then gta, pubg and economic cornice. that’s it. I think the mouse is great for that. the softouch surface feels really good. I can’t say anything about the durability yet. I really like the rgb effects and they go perfectly with the mouse pad.


Pictek Gaming Mouse Quick Review

At the beginning I was a bit confused because this mouse does not have the “Show Desktop” function in the setups, but you can then save this manually using the key combination (in Windows 7, press the Windows symbol and D at the same time). The mouse was shipped super fast, the setup is included and runs smoothly. The light looks great and the settings for the LEDs are generally very nice. I have the feeling that the mouse “hangs” a bit on the floor and thus affects the precision a bit, but that could also be due to my mouse pad. The mouse fits my hand perfectly and feels good.

The mouse itself is TOP! It has enough DPI for 4k, does what it should and is relatively cheap. All of this has already been mentioned in other reviews. What was not mentioned, however: This Pictek mouse has a hardware button on the underside where you can adjust the lighting. If you keep this button pressed for approx. 7 seconds, the lighting is completely off. So you don’t have to install any software to adjust the lighting. I have already given +50 stars for this alone, because this compulsory software trend with well-known manufacturers is really a nuisance to me. Was afraid that would also be the case here, luckily not.

However, the larger USB connector is noticeable. I already had a lot of devices but this is the first time I see a large USB plug. In view of the “NoName” brand, leaves room for paranoia, keyword USB hardware Trojans. But since I don’t want to assume anything from the manufacturer, the 5-star rating remains.

The support is just great. People respond within 1-2 days and suggest really good solutions.

“Briefly” about the 2 “defective” devices:

  • The first mouse that I received shook violently with every movement, even when it was unpacked. As if the inner workings weren’t built properly If you shook the mouse slightly, parts of it moved. It worked, but it still went back.
  • The second mouse that I am currently using has something similar. It clicks, but this time only very slightly and not even remotely as strong as the first one. It doesn’t bother either, but it is noticeable with faster movements.

I didn’t want to send it back again because I didn’t expect much for 16 €, but it was still exceeded. Now comes the part that surprised me personally:

So I wrote an email to customer service, where I described my problem, and also told you that I didn’t want to send it back again. Then a day later (Nice!) I received an email that was very nicely written. They have offered me that I can get a new mouse at no additional cost and without having to send my old one back. Very cool, I didn’t expect that!

That was a lot of info, but how is the mouse now? I would recommend again even if there were problems. It feels damn good, plays really smoothly on my mouse pad, has cool settings for changing colors and setting the DPI. Always bring it to me for 16 €. Top service..!


Pictek Gaming Mouse Driver PC205 Driver Download

T16/PC205 Mouse Driver Rar

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