Pictek Gaming Mouse Driver T7/PC034

Pictek PC034 Drivers & Software. I think the Pictek Gaming Mouse is great. I am someone who does not spend a lot of money on mice and therefore put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the mice. My last mouse automatically double clicked over 75% of the left click area. I find that annoying. I don’t have it with this mouse. I also think the changing lighting is super cool. I feel a bit like an expensive gamer with an inexpensive mouse. Lies comfortably in the hand and now the most important thing for me. Most mice make my hand sweat in heated games, with zero problem, as if it sucks everything up.


Pictek Gaming Mouse T7/PC034 Quick Review

I also think this Pictek Gaming Mouse mouse is perfect, it also glows in different colors, but that doesn’t distract you when you play. It lies very well in the hand because normally I have the problems that it is too big, which is not the case here. The packaging was really only kept very small, so there was really only room for the mouse! Still I love her! So really a must have for this price, there is nothing to complain about, everything you need to raid in peace.

The Pictek Gaming Mouse Driver T7/PC034 mouse lies comfortably in the hand and the material feels just as valuable as a ROH mouse that is more expensive by the world. The mouse is very precise and all buttons work quickly and perfectly. For this price, however, you shouldn’t expect the buttons to be programmable, which is actually logical at the price.

However, you cannot change the preset programming of the buttons on the side. But in most games you can assign other commands to these keys in the keyboard layout directly in the game. When not moved, it glows in all sorts of colors. If you move it, it lights up in the selected color, which is also the speed level of the cursor. It’s a shame that you can’t choose the color separately from the speed. But nothing to complain about in itself, is a mouse, works well, everything is great.

I like this Pictek Gaming Mouse Driver T7/PC034 mouse very much. It lies very well in the hand and is heavy enough. The cable is very robust. The mouse wheel, which feels very good when used, was noticed positively. Price performance ratio is very good. I can only recommend this one.

Pictek Gaming Mouse PC034 Driver Download

Pictek T7/PC034 Gaming Mouse Driver – Rar 6.12MB

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