Razer Mamba Elite Firmware + Master Guide

Download Firmware Razer Mamba Elite and Manual Guide. As usual, the Razer system is perfectly processed and likes to do what it should. It gives you a very precise mouse that you never have to charge. As soon as you move it away from the pad (5-10cm) it goes out and as soon as you put it on again it is immediately back. That’s exactly how I imagined this Razer Mamba Elite Gaming Mouse.


Razer Mamba Elite Review

For me a great addition to the Razer lineup, but that also has a proud price. But that’s the way it is when you want the latest technology. I do not regret the purchase and I am very satisfied. Previously had the Razer Mamba TE and now the Razer Mamba Elite. As of the status of the review, I use the mouse for a few days.

Like its predecessor, the mouse has completely convinced me so far. I have slightly larger hands and they fit perfectly in the hand (the back of the hand is only slightly on top of it. If I put my hand completely on it, the fingers would stick out, but the grip is so good for me). I mainly play shooters but also Mmorpgs. For shooters like Overwatch with low sense, this mouse is great for me in terms of handling.

The weight is okay so that lift ups do not cause any problems and nothing slips away thanks to the grip surfaces. The Razer Mamba Elite mouse wheel has a nice grip and it scrolls great too. The sensor has not caused any problems for me so far. The side buttons for close combat, for example, have a nice pressure point, as do the normal mouse buttons. Nothing gets stuck here.

If you want a super chic, easy-to-use and above all high-quality mouse, you should have this Razer Mamba Elite. Before this mouse, I had another Razer mouse, the Ouroboros, which is in a price range above this one, and I have to say that the Mamba is simply much more pleasant to use. If you have big hands, you shouldn’t have any problems with this mouse.

The mouse is typically Razer very well made and really a super high quality mouse. I really enjoy gaming and working on the PC with this mouse again. It is the first mouse that I am really completely satisfied with. In terms of price, Razer is of course in the premier class, but you don’t buy a new mouse every 3 weeks. All in all, you can only praise this mouse, despite the relatively high price, I would like to make a clear recommendation for this mouse.

Razer Mamba Elite Gaming Mouse Function

Typically for Razer, the mouse came in a classy packaging. The mouse itself is incredibly handy and comfortable to hold. I have narrow fingers, but my hands are of normal size. The nine programmable keys are all easy to reach, so you can keep your fingers mostly on the movement keys on the keyboard. That suits me particularly well at PUBG. Personally, I would recommend a hard mousepad for this mouse as I had problems moving with my old one made of cloth.

For the optical eye, of course, the 16 million colors are a highlight. Razer really did a great job, especially since the color synchronization with the keyboard (Blackwidow Elite) works excellently. I also had the previous version of the Razor Mamba in use for years. Therefore, no other mouse was actually an option for me, as I had already had very good experience with the previous model.

Razer Mamba Elite Pros:

  • – Lies comfortably in the hand (I have quite large hands) in terms of surface and size
  • – Numerous setting options under Windows 10 such as DPI, color play, energy management
  • – I find the battery life to be pleasant. When used for around 2-4 hours a day, it lasts for around 7-10 days (depending on the lighting setting)
  • – It responds quickly to clicks
  • – Can be used wirelessly or wired

Razer Mamba Elite Cons:

  • This is only a minor cons, which I find quite appropriate in view of the likely long runtime (the previous model was in heavy use for over 4 years and would certainly have lasted another 4 years)

Neither was as pleasant as the Razer DeathAdder. In terms of shape, the Mamba does not differ from the DeathAdder. At least I don’t notice anything and I have mice here. The mamba has a different rubber coating on the side. It’s also nice and wide and what I like about the Razer mice is that they are curved to the side. The hand has a natural slight curve to the left when placed on (right-handed). Other mice have a straight shape which is uncomfortable to gamble because, as I said, the hand makes a slight curve to the left when it is placed on it. You don’t have to convulsively straighten your hand in an unnatural way.

Anyone who can handle the DeathAdder will love the Mamba. It is practically the DeathAdder only wireless. The only drawback, I don’t think the mouse can last for 50 hours on one charge. I never had it below 15% until now, but I had it after about 25-30 hours. And I doubt that the remaining 15% should last 15-20 hours. Still a great mouse that I can warmly recommend to everyone.


Razer Mamba Elite Download

Razer Mamba Elite Master Guide PDF – Download

Razer Mamba Elite Firmware Updater for Windows

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