Razer Naga Trinity Driver

Download Driver Razer Naga Trinity for Windows. This Razer Naga Trinity mouse was recommended to me by a good friend who bought the second Razer Naga Trinity after 7 years of use. This alone was enough for me and completely convinced me to buy it. I myself have used a Razer Taipan for almost 7 years with which I was more than satisfied, but the mouse wheel button stopped working and since I couldn’t find any Razer, I took the Naga Trinity.


Razer Naga Trinity Drivers & Review

Compared to the price and other mice at the price, the Naga Trinity is a real piece of cake; the quality, workmanship, and the interchangeable side buttons (2, 7, 12) definitely make the Naga Trinity a top companion among all mice.

The program for the mouse (Razer Synapse 3) can be downloaded quickly from the Razer homepage, as far as I know you need an account! But it is created in 2 minutes. After that the mouse is fully changeable (of course only the light and the key assignments) you can make anything out of every key, that alone makes the Naga Trinity a damn good piece.

I am glad that I chose the mouse, the only thing I could complain about, but what is different for each person is that I first have to get used to the weight and to the higher height compared to my last mouse.

Very pleasant, valuable, flexible and perfect synergy with Razer Firefly Hard. After various mice from the competition (Corsair M65, Logitech G502, Corsair Scimitar, Logitech MX500) I found my favorite mouse in the Naga Pro with the 6-button attachment. Buttons aren’t too hard to click and are very accessible. The shape is also ergonomically clever. Customization is straightforward in the software.

The price is a bit high for my demands on the product. But here you pay premium for the wireless functions (radio and BT). An alternative here might be the Naga Trinity (pay attention to the differences!).

Rather unsuitable for Clawgrip! There is an extra groove for the entire ring finger to rest on. The calibration depending on the sliding surface / mouse pad is important. Apparently no problem with any Razer mouse pad because there are presets. The presets are certainly also compatible with other surfaces. Definitely try it out!

Razer Naga Trinity Drivers & Function

The Razer Naga Trinity mouse feels great and fits well in my big hand. I can’t understand bad reviews regarding the software and I’m glad I wasn’t influenced by it. You can assign keyboard functions to the keys and thus stay on WASD while playing without losing motion control because you should reach one of the surrounding keys. Configurations can be saved in profiles (with cloud backup), these profiles can be activated automatically when an application is started.

So I have a standard office profile with the back and forth buttons for the browser or page up and down (Home and End) and as soon as I start one of my games the software registers this and automatically loads the appropriate profile. I have never had any crashes or problems with the software and have been using the mouse every day for 5 months at the time of this review.

Possibly there is an online constraint for the software, I don’t know how to judge that and it doesn’t bother me in view of the convenience. Without a permanent internet connection you can devalue / forget any device and sit down in front of the 386 anyway. We didn’t have to be online and had to uninstall games when we wanted to play something new, because the record was always full, something is always.

Now I switched to the new Naga Pro and I am spontaneously impressed. The processing quality is flawless, there are no sharp edges or quirks to be felt. In my opinion, the radio works free of latencies and the range is excellent for my application across the living room (tested at a distance of 11 meters -> perfect).

Switching to BT is quick and easy. I ordered it directly from Razer, so there was also a discount on the dock that went with the mouse, which by the way is very chic and also works excellently. Existing profiles were not transferred from Naga Trinity to Naga Pro within Synapse 3. Furthermore, I was very happy about the new side part, which now integrates the 6 buttons in a form that is functional for me. I could never do anything with the circular arrangement of the Trinity and therefore got stuck with the MMO side part with the 12 buttons.

So the comfort is great, technically I did not deal with the subtleties of the sensor, but when you first use it, you notice that the Naga Pro works much finer than the Trinity was able to (with the same DPI setting in Synapse).


Razer Naga Trinity Driver Download + Manual PDF

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