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Download Driver Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse 6 Programmable Buttons. I had the Razer Abyss for 9 years and since the mouse wheel was slowly no longer working I had to get a new one. I wanted to stay with the Razer brand as I also had an Ornata (keyboard). The choice fell between Mamba, Viper and Viper Mini. At 100 grams, the mamba was a little heavier than the usual abyss and therefore a lot out of the range. The Viper Mini was too small in my hand because it was almost 1 cm narrower than my old one.


Razer Viper Mini Software & Drivers

TheRazer Viper Mini on the other hand, was pleasantly wide and not too big or heavy and also had the side buttons that I wanted on a new mouse. By the way, use fingertip grip / clawgrip. The mouse buttons also sound pleasantly mechanical and in no way bright / high / cheap. RGB is subtly minimized to the logo and the cable is soft and yields well. Also the “foot pads?” Not a bargain for the price, but for the fact that the Abyssus held for 30 € at the time for 9 years, I wanted to spend a little more.

Actually, I’m not a Razer friend, as I used to have problems with Razer mice and the support left me out in the rain. I had to give Razer another chance with this mouse because the mouse was almost exactly what I was looking for. It was a bit expensive in terms of price, but the competitors with similar products are similarly expensive.


Razer Viper Mini Pros:

  1. – Wireless with no noticeable latency
  2. – Long battery life (with daily use of 4 hours approx. 1 week with lighting OFF)
  3. – Very fast charging time (30 min. For more than 50%)
  4. – Optical switches against debounce and double click
  5. – Speedflex cable
  6. – Pleasant and simple optics
  7. – Best sensor


Razer Viper Mini Neutral:

  1. – Software (must be installed for the first configuration and can then be uninstalled)
  2. – More suitable for large hands with fingertip grip or medium-sized hands as claws.


Razer Viper Mini Cons:

  1. – Price
  2. – Slight creaking of the M1 and M2

The price is negative compared to other mice, but here you really pay for what you get. Simply hang the mouse on the cable or hang it on the mouse stand when you switch off the PC and enjoy a fully charged mouse for endless wireless action the next day.

What a mouse of Razer Viper Mini. Probably in the top three best mice of all time. I bought the Razer Viper Ultimate with a charging station. The charging station looks good on the desk and the RGB strip has a lot to offer. The software is easy to use and you have a lot of functions to choose from. But now finally to the mouse. The battery is passable. At 50% brightness of the RGB snake, the battery lasts 3-4 days. Well over a week without RGB. All this with a long period of use. The mouse is also charged very quickly and, thanks to the charging station, also problem-free.

On the underside of the mouse there is a DPI button which also shows which level you have just set by means of an LED. Below is the on / off button. In addition to the good left and right buttons and the pleasant mouse wheel, there are also four side buttons on the top. 2 on each side. The side of the mouse is slightly ribbed, which makes for a better grip. The side buttons are easy to reach.

The Razer Viper Mini mouse is designed to be ambidextrous. That means that it is completely symmetrical. The mouse is also very light, which is becoming more and more important. A very good mouse that makes many others look old. However, you have to say that you shouldn’t expect anything else at such a price. It’s already violent. I was waiting for an offer and was lucky that it came relatively soon. And about my hand: It is relatively large, but I still have no problems with the mouse. I use the finger grip. That means that I hold my mouse with a slightly bent hand. That goes well with the mouse.


Razer Viper Mini Software Download

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