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Download Software Redragon K552 RGB Kumara Gaming Keyboard. The Redragon K552 is a gaming keyboard that looks very nice, is easy to clean and since it does not have a separate number pad (which gamers usually do not need), you save a lot of space on the desk so that the pizza plate still fits.


Redragon K552 Drivers & Software

It is also suitable for writing documents, emails, etc. Since it is a bit louder (which is intended by the mechanical suspension to generate faster attacks for eg first-person shooters), so you shouldn’t put it in the office if the main purpose is to use it Office work should be. I think the Redragon K552 keyboard is very good. It can withstand a lot of stress and still does not let the user down. I would recommend it anytime and buy it again.

The typing experience corresponds to the switches. The blue ones are definitely switches for your own “office”. These things are loud. But that wouldn’t be a problem, you know that beforehand. The Redragon K552 keyboard also has a metal base, which gives the keystroke a clearly noticeable metallic reverberation. I don’t really like this sound. That spoils the otherwise absolutely positive impression. If the base were a bit dampened and would not reverberate like a bell every time you hit it (even if you lift the keyboard a little and let it fall on the table and one cm is enough), then the keyboard would make a really professional impression.

The red lighting is stylish actually. Unfortunately, a lot was given away here too: there are only three lighting modes: off, on, pulsing. This is poor. The pulsation goes to the pointer after a short time, so it stays on and off. At least you can adjust the brightness in a few steps. Other manufacturers offer various modes, especially one that I think is great: tracer, i.e. a pressed key lights up and then slowly goes out. So you can track down a typo in a password and look cool.

So I don’t really know. Sure the price is brilliantly low. But there is a lack of performance. Everything would be bearable, but the bell reverberation is totally annoying. Addendum: I sacrificed some time and disassembled the keyboard in the hope that I can maybe dampen the reverb a little. In short: forget it! 10 screws hold the keyboard body in the tub, so you have to remove about 20 keys to get to the screws. No problem with the included cap puller.

Then the disillusionment. The switches are soldered to the circuit board, first inserted through the metal plate and then soldered. Ergo you don’t get between the circuit board and the metal plate. This effectively destroys any attempt at dampening. I tried to prevent the circuit board from vibrating, unfortunately that doesn’t help at all. So it stays a little bell. Redragon K552 is a great gamer keyboard for people with a sense of esoteric glockenspiel. I can only take the part with loud music.

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