Redragon K556 RGB Driver + Manual

Download Software Redragon K556-RK RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Brown Switches. The Redragon K556 quality is very good, even if the price is disregarded. Can even compete with much more expensive products or even outperform them. The board itself has an aluminum top plate and an aluminum frame. Only the bottom is made of plastic. The real hit, however, are the keycap, which are actually made using the double-shot process (double injection molding).


Redragon K556 Drivers & Software + Review

When you write you have a metallic reverberation after every keystroke. Maybe annoying one or the other, it doesn’t really bother me now. But it certainly depends on everyone and whoever plays with a headset shouldn’t be bothered at all.


Redragon K556 Lighting Quality:

Here you have to make a small compromise. White is not really “white”. You can’t see it in the picture, but lying in front of you it looks more like a light shade of pink. But if you only use simple full colors, you have the same quality here as with the more expensive competition. You can also choose all possible mixed colors from a color palette. As long as you don’t take white, everything is fine. But why do you get an RGB keyboard if you only use white? Depending on the selected color (full or mixed color does not matter), the lighting flickers to different degrees when the eyes are moved. This phenomenon also occurs with significantly higher-priced products in varying degrees of strength.


Redragon K556 Quality of the Switches:

Not only in view of the price but also in comparison with Cherry MX switches, I can say that these things are hardly worse. So far I’ve always had MX Reds and am currently typing on the brown MX imitations from Outemu, the manufacturer of the switches on the Redragon K556. The grinding noise when pressing a switch is only a little “scratchy” than with Cherry MX buttons and so far none of my buttons has jammed, neither when typing nor when gaming.


Redragon K556 Stability:

The Redragon K556-RK RGB stability is very solid. It doesn’t just slip normally.


Redragon K556 Software:

You can create macros, I can’t judge how well or badly it works, I don’t use something like that. The setting of the light plays is extensive enough for me. The typical gadgets like breathing, waves, reactive etc. are included, but I don’t use them. I always set my colors firmly and divide them into different color fields. But here we have a problem. Since the software only knows the US layout, two buttons cannot be redesigned if you try to color them individually.


Redragon K556 Longevity:

Unfortunately I can’t rate it yet. The keycap are unlikely to be a problem. Rather, it will have to be seen whether the switches retain their good writing experience in the long term, whether the lighting does not start to spin or the firmware or built-in internal hardware gives up before.


Redragon K556 Support:

The support said that the two buttons on the Europe version of the board cannot be set at the moment, that they will reflect on the problem with the engineers and that they want to fix it as soon as possible. It will show. But I have my doubts that they’ll bring out a version for a european keyboard layout.


Redragon K556 Conclusion:

As a comparison with this keyboard (Redragon K556) I have a Ducky Shine 5 (MX-Red), which costs about 3 times as much! If you can get them anywhere at all. Before that I had a Cherry MX-Board 6 (MX-Red). So I’m quite willing to pay for decent quality. Unfortunately, none of the well-known manufacturers actually give you the equivalent value that you give out. When I spend € 150 and up on a keyboard, I expect solid double-shot / double-injection keycaps, not cheap “laser-edged / cut” cap scrap. Still, almost none of the major manufacturers have anything like this on offer.

So if you value high-quality, long-lasting keycap and are ready to dig deep into your pockets, you really only have Ducky. If you want a mechanical keyboard with similar features but are not prepared to pay huge sums of money, you can use this without hesitation. The other manufacturers only make their manure in China. Except for the original Cherry MX buttons, which come from Europe. As far as longevity and support are concerned, I will write an update as soon as something is wrong with the keyboard and whether a new software version with a european version layout may be released.


Redragon K556 Software Download & Manual PDF

Redragon K556 User Guide Manual PDF Download

Redragon K556-RK Keyboard Software Download

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