Redragon M601-3 Driver + Software

Download Driver Redragon M601 Centrophorus for Windows. The Redragon M601-3 Centrophorus gaming mouse is great for the money, even if mine has now developed the double-click problem on the right button, which is common with gamers, and after 6 months.


Redragon M601-3 Software & Quick Review

In terms of haptics, this mouse can easily keep up with the expensive mice from Logitech and even if the mouse has its first quirks after 6 months: With a purchase price of € 15, you can expect the lifespan of an expensive mouse (~ 1.5 years for my two previous mice ) Buy 4x cheaper for the same money and in the end still has a clean mouse. The order for mouse no.2 will be sent soon and if it lasts for at least 6 months, nothing will change in the above-mentioned review.

I’ve had the Redragon M601-3 mouse for a while and I’m very happy with it. The individual adjustments enable the greatest possible enjoyment while playing or surfing the web.

  • + Weights can be exchanged
  • + Good design
  • + Despite multiple falls, no problems, neither technically nor visually.

The only problem I have recognized so far is that it is difficult to get the mouse clean because some residues get stuck in the joints of the mouse. I didn’t expect much for the price but was pleasantly surprised even though it smelled strongly of chemicals at the beginning. I still have a good grip with the mouse and it is extremely good in the hand (at least for me). So if you want an inexpensive Mouse wants to add what is good, the Red Dragon 601 is the right one

For the price, this Redragon M601 gaming mouse does what it’s supposed to do perfectly. The side buttons can be reached very easily and the right or left click buttons feel good, no heavy clicking or anything. The mouse wheel is made of rubber and gives it a good grip. The DPI sensor is well positioned and I never accidentally come across it. In general, the mouse feels very good in my hand. The length of the USB cable is more than enough and it also shines nicely. Unfortunately it cannot be switched off. But for 15 € it is manageable.

I don’t need to say much more about it, because I’m just completely satisfied with it! Redragon M601-3 is definitely recommended! Serves well! I needed a nice big and handy mouse for work and I got it. Great design, producing very silent clicks (which I like very much), very precise. I like the way it shines as well, nice red color. Overall the Redragon M601-3 is a very good mouse, good weight compensation. Super cool design, unfortunately only in red backlight. Otherwise very good mouse and Redragon is one of the best brands.

Redragon M601-3 Pros:

The Redragon M601-3 mouse itself is well made and made a good impression on me. Very good and solid workmanship. I gave myself a few weeks extra for the evaluation so that I can really say something about the quality.

1. Price performance is out of the question: 1A!
2. Plastic has a structured surface, so it is always easy to grip and, above all, it feels solid, you don’t have the feeling that something is twisting or bending, something that unfortunately often happens with products that are twice as expensive is.
3. The microswitches of the buttons make a solid and precise impression.
4. The cable may be a bit stiff at first for a fabric cable, but it settles in the course of use.
5. The mouse wheel is slightly rasterized, something I personally prefer.
6, The thing about the weights is all well and good, so I could safely leave everyone in there and it was OK.
7. The mouse is rather medium-sized, people who prefer a rat rather than a mouse are poorly served here. But it’s definitely not a tiny notebook mouse, but simply medium-sized. The mouse height is also not particularly pronounced.
8. The lighting is nice, but I also have it on soft-off with the PC. It is quite possible that my mainboard settings also play a role.
9. In my opinion, you will hardly find anything better for the money.
10. I rarely use the DPI setting, the middle setting has always done it for so far
10. The software is not special, but it doesn’t “bother me” with Windows 10.


Redragon M601-3 Drivers & Software Download

Redragon M601-3 Centrophorus Gaming Mouse Software

Redragon M601-3 Centrophorus Gaming Mouse Software Win10

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