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Download Driver Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse LED RGB Backlit MMO 9 Programmable Buttons Mouse with Macro Recording Side Buttons. The review refers to the Redragon Mammoth M801 Gamer Mouse provided to me by the provider. Almost every gamer, regardless of whether single or multi, knows this situation: In the middle of the game, the main actor says goodbye shortly before the final boss of the corresponding level, although you know your character by tapping the mouse button as fast as an arrow and knowing exact movements with the mouse on the road to victory have believed.


Redragon M801 Mammoth Drivers & Quick Review

It’s bitter every time! Sometimes it’s just bad luck, sometimes it’s a fraction of a millisecond that makes the difference between victory and defeat. Precisely because of the exact coordination in many moments in the gameplay, I build next to, for example, the Logitech M-U0028, which has been loyal to its service for what feels like eternity, only to a handful of mouse and keyboard providers the appropriate know-how, me the appropriate material for the victory Hand to shake.

The Redragon M801 mouse is delivered in a cool and lavishly printed cardboard box, which advertises all the features on the back. Redragon also thankfully include a German-language instruction manual with their Mammoth, which the “big” competition often misses. So this time too. It explains, among other things, how the buttons are assigned and how the distribution of the sampling rates was marked in color.

The Redragon M801 mouse is specially ergonomically designed to prevent hand fatigue. This is particularly noticeable at long gaming nights or LAN parties, because whoever has the better work device often has the “one” decisive advantage. Almost all of the other providers do this too, but here it is a little different. B. the back of the mouse shows. This feels very valuable and offers a lot of space even for large hands.

It closes roughly with the end of the palm of the hand and thus enables a very comfortable support. The surface is roughened by z. B. to prevent slipping with sweaty hands or at least to make it more difficult. This feels a bit strange at first, but it definitely makes sense during long plays. The operating button heads implemented on the right as well as on the back of the mouse can be pressed in more than just “buttery soft” and have a pleasant pressure point. The mouse is very balanced and has a good approx. 180 cm long textile-coated cable, which is now standard

The Mammoth M801 has an optical opening on the underside and an interchangeable slot for the weights integrated there, which are responsible for counter pressure and perfect gliding on the mousepad. The memory buttons are of immense importance for the macro assignment. Thanks to the integrated memory chip, these are of course retained even after long periods of non-use, which I think is very good. Using the two Dpi buttons, which are set back behind the scroll wheel, you can select a total of 5 modes by briefly pressing them.

The Redragon M801 maximum value here is legendary 16400 DPI! When testing the Mouse, I “shot” my way through a few rounds of CoD and I am totally enthusiastic about the rate of fire that the 801 gives me and the hammer-like gliding of the mouse on the Sharkoon 1337 gaming mouse pad black. The extremely wide spread gliders make it possible to cover the greatest possible distances on the screen with minimal movement and to carry out actions as fast as an arrow. Nice! For working with office applications and simply surfing the net, the forward and back buttons can be nicely integrated and do a good job even beyond the big battlefields and mythical creatures. The pairing is done via Plug & Play without additional software and without problems with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. A software CD is included for fine tuning in terms of “macro mania”.

For relatively little money you get a very cool and well-advised gaming mouse that can keep up with Sharkoon and the like. The mouse should last a long time even with extreme gaming behavior due to its very good workmanship and performance and that is worth a clear purchase recommendation in the price segment in which we are here! 5 stars from me!


Redragon M801 Drivers & Software Download

Download Redragon Mammoth M801 Software for Windows

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