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Download Driver Redragon M908 Impact RGB for Windows. We all already know it: if you are looking for a solid gaming mouse that is not too expensive but is still ideally suited for gaming, you often do not come across something cheap that is also great at the same time. But what about this Redragon M908 Impact?


Redragon M908 Review & Software Download

Once you have freed the mouse from the packaging and foil, you will immediately notice the size of the mouse at the first contact: it is pleasantly large at 12.2 x 9.2 x 4.2cm and yet very compact for the hand. Because unlike other gaming mice, each individual finger has its own place on the IMPACT. So far we have discovered this in a few mice. It feels so much more pleasant than with the Roccat Kone Aimo that we have already tested, where the ring finger and the little finger hang freely in the air.

The very comfortable matt plastic that is on the mouse actually makes the mouse a “hand flatterer”. The mouse is not only matt, but in some places it has even been decorated with high-gloss elements. In short: the hand just likes to rest on the mouse, but the high-gloss elements have one disadvantage, because they unfortunately magically attract fingerprints, which of course does not limit comfort.

As soon as you have connected the mouse to your computer or notebook via USB, you will be immediately greeted by the RGB lighting with the well-known rainbow effect. And yes, this mouse for under 30 € is also fully RGB illuminated! We didn’t expect much from the RGB lighting at the beginning, of course because of the price, but it will surprise you too. Because the mouse can be assigned 16.8 million colors. But more about the software later.

First you will catch the REDRAGON logo, which lights up with the preset rainbow effect. The next thing you will notice is the number 12 block on the side. This is of course also completely illuminated. But at first the look of the 12 buttons takes a lot of getting used to, if you never had a mouse with a number pad like we did, but REDRAGON built this on the thumb side of the mouse specifically for advantages in the game. You can assign functions to every single number that you would otherwise have to press on the keyboard.

On the one hand, this has advantages in terms of time and can, for example, give you a head start in the event of a kill in the game. These buttons can be used very well in games such as WoW, StarCraft or other online games. Because there you have a number of abilities, all of which have to be kept at a glance and then put on the mouse in an orderly manner instead of on the keyboard, where the “confused war” is already huge anyway.

But unfortunately there is also criticism of the block: Because you will quickly notice that the numbers are difficult to press in at first and unfortunately, due to the position, are difficult to reach with the thumb and thus become more difficult to use. Speaking of thumbs, right next to the 12 number pad is the thumb rest, which is presented in high gloss instead of a matt surface.


Redragon M908 Software & Function

On the top of the mouse, it is immediately noticeable that there are slightly fewer RGB details installed than with the AIMO, which can be handled in the price range. Of course, there we immediately find the left and right mouse button. The click of the mouse is just great. Even after using the mouse for a long time, the super pleasant feedback does not decrease after pressing one of the two buttons. Especially when you compare the price with other gaming mice.

Next to the left mouse button is the REDRAGON so-called “Rapid Fire Button“. This is intended to automatically execute several signals one after the other when this key is pressed. Example: You are in a shooter and come into a combat situation. If you now press the button to shoot, you will shoot automatically in succession as often as you have set. This is to avoid unnecessary clicking and so you can concentrate fully on aiming.

The Redragon M908 scroll wheel in the middle, as well as the two DPI setting buttons behind it, should of course not be disregarded. We really like the scroll wheel because it is equipped with RGB lights, just like on more expensive mice. It is covered with a pretty pleasant rubber corrugation and can be moved 1A forwards and backwards. Scrolling just feels really pleasant, because even there there is a slightly built-in resistor that should give you feedback again, so to speak.

The DPI setting buttons built behind, however, are relatively unspectacular. Since, like the Rapid Fire Button, they are glossy buttons, they are not particularly noticeable when used. What you will notice when you use these buttons, however, are the four built-in LEDs, which will light up red as soon as you set the DPI. Here you have a DPI range of no less than 100 – 12400 DPI, which is absolutely top for this price range. However, whether one ever uses 12400 DPI is questionable.

The real highlight of the M908 IMPACT is the weight box. There you can individually set your own perfect mouse weight. At the beginning we failed a little when removing the weight lock, because it was really difficult to get it out. Trick here: after you have turned the lock in the right direction, lightly tap the top of the mouse and the lock falls into your hand and you can either insert or remove the weights.

We ourselves had never had such a mouse where there was the possibility to adjust the weight and did not find this function really necessary before use, but as soon as you have configured the weight for yourself, you will notice that it is a real one Difference in use. This makes moving the mouse much easier. It just feels a lot more fluid and noble than without adding weight. If you don’t need all the weights at the moment, you can simply take them out of the noble foam-filled closure and put them in the specially made weight box, which is of course supplied with you.

The heart of the mouse, i.e. the sensor, is located above the lock of the weights, this one. For those interested: Redragon installed the Pixart PMW3327 for us here, which ensures the best possible performance and precision when gaming. Right next to it we find the so-called mode switch, which lets you change all of your profiles, which you can all set individually in the software.

The software can be downloaded free of charge from the REDRAGON website. It is kept very clear. On the one hand, EACH button can be given a new function (including the DPI buttons). It is also possible to set the DPI steps. Last but not least, there are the various RGB lighting settings. Here you can either choose different preset animations or let the mouse glow in one color. And here it is also important to know that the color settings are adopted for the entire mouse. So it is not possible to have each side of the mouse shine in a different color. Here, however, you also have to keep the low price in mind – this is perfectly fine. You can also save different key assignments, DPI and RGB settings on 5 profiles.

Redragon M908 Rating

All in all, there is really little we can criticize about the mouse. We get a more than full-fledged gaming mouse, which has been designed in fabulous detail and developed with all possible gaming features. Using it simply makes the gaming experience a better one. It is super comfortable in the hand, whether for large or small hands; even after hourly gaming. The software simply does the rest.

There we have limited options, but features that our competitor Roccat does not have, such as the “Rapit Fire Key”. You have a free choice between the color modes and you can create 5 game profiles where you can store everything. You have a fabulous DPI spectrum with the perfect speed for everyone. In addition, you also have a 12-number block that may not be 100% mature, but can still be used in a variety of ways. And as the “icing on the cake” you get a weight box for less than 30 € with which you can adjust your ideal mouse weight for the most comfortable use of yours; which is simply never to be expected with a mouse under 30 €.


Redragon M908 Software Download & Manual

Redragon M908 User Manual PDF – Download

Redragon M908 Software – Download

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