Roccat Vulcan TKL Driver + Install Guide

Download Driver Roccat Vulcan TKL Gaming Keyboard. In advance: This has replaced the Logitech wireless bundle MX900, which I got myself especially for the “Home office & desktop PC” constellation. Unfortunately, the sometimes extreme input lag and the “swallowing” of inputs caused a quick change.


Roccat Vulcan TKL Drivers & Quick Review

Even before my wireless experiment I succumbed to the advantages of the Roccat Tyon, unfortunately there was no keyboard model that appealed to me at that time and the dream duo consisted of the Roccat Tyon & Corsair K70 RGB. But since Roccat now also has a mechanical metal model on offer and I really like it from a design point of view, the only thing left to do was clarify: Vulcan 100 or 120?

I think I have read somewhere that Roccat is probably playing with the idea of ​​wanting to offer the palm rest at a later date, but since this is currently still in the stars and the price difference is only 10.00 EUR, I recommend the 120 version.

The good piece is delivered or packaged in the best possible way and the magnetic palm rest, the keyboard and the guarantee booklet are hidden inside. At this point I have to admit that the completely protruding keys initially irritated me. It doesn’t look like that in the product photos, but the buttons, which protrude on average 1.3 cm, and of course due to the open design, do look mighty. When writing (short time to get used to it), however, you hardly notice the difference, because the height is so high on other models too, but it is covered by the chassis. But about the hard facts and why the keyboard “only” gets 4 stars.


Roccat Vulcan TKL Pros:

  • + I think Roccat’s own buttons are great (I usually prefer Cherry Red / Brown). The stroke is precise, the pressure pleasant and the feedback soft and quiet.
  • + The lighting is amazing. Because the lighting is projected onto the keys from behind, it is extremely homogeneous and powerful without dazzling. Regardless of whether you are directly from above or, as usual, from the front: the lighting rocks and the effects are just awesome: Roccat generates smooth transitions and gradients between several colors, which I haven’t seen with any other manufacturer to date, and the open design (normally the color accents are cut off by the black caps) promotes the gradients even more.
  • + The silver, brushed design is extremely pleasing and grateful. With the K70 model, which is black and brushed, dust was an omnipresent guest and clearly visible. Here the silver shows its strengths and in combination with the Roccat Kone AIMO gray it is a real eye-catcher.
  • + The magnetic palm rest rounds off the set harmoniously and significantly reduces the high construction.
  • + The Roccat software is now excellent, extensive and stable. In my case, I only need software on the computer, each key can be individually assigned and illuminated, and thanks to the compatibility of in-house products, effects and colors can be set for everything in the same way. Gimmicks such as laser sound when you press the key are very nice and, above all, really funny at LAN parties / events.
  • + The general workmanship is excellent, even if I had hoped for a little more with the general thickness (in the photos the keyboard looks even flatter than it is) and with the back (plastic).
  • + I also find the solution chic, the lighting for caps Lock, Num, etc. this time at the bottom, at the front


Roccat Vulcan TKL Neutral:

  • In times when more and more cables are conquering the desk, I find the competitor’s solution to use a detachable USB connection cable, state of the art. Not only do you find a solution quickly and easily in the event of a cable break, you can also customize the color, material and, above all, length and let off steam. It is a shame that Roccat has opted for a permanently installed solution here.
  • The rotary wheel, for the volume and / or the lighting, is just as high as all the other keys and pretty close to the number pad. In order to operate this accurately, you need pointed fingers.
  • Also the fact that the rotary knob (for the volume) is locked and increases or decreases it by 2 with each “click” is a real absurdity when it comes to lighting. If you want to regulate this, you feel like you turn a wolf until the desired brightness prevails (you feel like you turn 3 turns to change the lighting by 1 level, hopefully Roccat will improve this!)
  • I also think it’s a shame, that the keyboard does not have a USB HUB and / or cable management. Since this is by no means a frameless model, this would have been entirely feasible.
  • Since, as written, I use the keyboard and mouse on 2 computers (USB switch), I noticed that the profiles are unfortunately only saved on the computer? If I switch to my work computer, the factory settings are called up.

Unfortunately, the color of the lighting of the Mute / FX / Volume button cannot be changed. The flashing, the mute function, cannot be switched off either.


Roccat Vulcan TKL Cons:

  • – I admit that I really had reservations about the buttons and the “tinny” feedback. Fortunately, this tinny, bouncing feedback has so far only existed on my model with the “Back” button and I hope it stays that way. Unfortunately, it is often read online in conjunction with the space bar, which would be really annoying.


Roccat Vulcan TKL Conclusion:

For currently ~ 160.00 EUR a keyboard in the high price segment, which really deserves this position. All of the above points are grumbling at a high level and anyone looking for a stylish, robust, functional keyboard that is far ahead in terms of lighting should include the Vulcan in the shortlist.

Especially in combination with other Roccat products, both software and hardware play to their full potential and I am happy every time I tap on it or just get tired of the colors. A clear recommendation from my side with potential upwards!


Roccat Vulcan TKL Drivers Download & Manual PDF

Roccat Vulcan TKL – Quick Install Guide PDF Download

Roccat Vulcan TKL – Driver version: V:1.9386
Operating systems:
Windows® 10 64 Bit, Windows® 10 32 Bit, Windows® 8.1 32 Bit, Windows® 8.1 64 Bit, Windows® 8 32 Bit, Windows® 8 64 Bit, Windows® 7 64 Bit, Windows® 7 32 Bit. Filesize: 159.55 MB Roccat Swarm Driver Download

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