Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Rowenta’s new canister vacuum cleaner with bag, the Silence Force RO7455EA sets itself apart from the competition with its very low noise level which, according to the manufacturer, should not exceed 58 dB (A). We did not fail to verify this point during the test. Marketed at 199 €, the Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA is not the first of the Silence Force range to appear in our laboratory. This new model with bag obviously relies on its very low noise level, but also on its suction performance. Obviously, Rowenta evokes optimal suction power thanks to the new high-efficiency Effitech motor, designed to offer great suction power without consuming too much energy. Finally, the dual position brush head (hard floor and carpet) is supposed to guarantee a deep suction and a perfect glide on all surfaces.


Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA: Convenience of employment

By removing the Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA from its box, we especially notice its imposing build and its 7.6 kg which make it one of the heaviest vacuum cleaners in our comparison; we are far from the featherweight of the H Koenig STC60 (2.8 kg). Therefore, it should be avoided to carry it by the handle, even for a short distance.

With its build, its black plastic coating and its wide bumper, the Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA inspires confidence and seems very solid to us. This feeling of robustness is reinforced by the presence of safety clips which facilitate the interlocking of the various elements. Despite its weight, it follows us in our slightest movements on its 4 small wheels.

Rowenta has been a bit stingy when it comes to accessories and the device only comes with a double-position hard floor and carpet main brush, a small nozzle and a crevice tool. Storage at the back of the device is provided only for the latter. It would have been better if the two accessories had storage!

A furniture brush is integrated directly into the handle, at the inlet of the suction port; to use it, just unclip the metal tube. As for the “Ergo comfort” handle surmounted by a mechanical air flow variator, it is rather comfortable. The flow variator is conveniently located at the handle and can be adjusted with the thumb.

On the body of the device, the control panel consists of a power variator with four suction levels that can be modulated using the cursor. The power is increased by pushing the slider to the right. Behind this variator, a pedal is used to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off, the other to wind the electric cable in the device; nothing but very classic. The 11m radius of action is comfortable enough that you don’t have to unplug and plug in the vacuum too often. 4 power levels are available on the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Note that the Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA has two parking positions: it can be left horizontal by clipping the tube to the back of the device or placed vertically using a ventral notch which saves space. place if you want to store it in a cupboard.


Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA Test

As is the case with many other canister vacuums in our comparison, the maintenance of the Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA could not be simpler and more hygienic. The disposable bag (practical accessory for some, ecological sink for others), has a comfortable capacity of 4.5 l, which means that it should not be changed too regularly. We just regret that the manufacturer only provides one with the device. It will take around ten euros to get 4 new bags.

The extraction of this pocket is done in a very hygienic way, thanks to the tab which closes as soon as it is removed from the vacuum cleaner, thus avoiding the flight of dust when throwing the bag in the trash.

The RO7386EA has a foam filter before the engine which is housed behind the waste bag; it is extracted simply by lifting the hood at the front and removing the grille which covers it.

As for the after-engine filter (the HEPA filter), it is placed under the hood of the device. And to remove it, it’s another kettle of fish. In fact, to access it, you must first pull on the plastic part and you might as well say that you will need a lumberjack’s force in fairy fingers. Once this first step is taken, it is not easier to remove the HEPA filter from its base.

Our filtration test consists of sucking 20 g of cocoa and then checking that the two filters (foam and HEPA) have not gained weight. Otherwise, this means that the filtration of the bag is not waterproof and that the dust is not retained in the bag, which could ultimately have an impact on the suction performance and on the service life of the device if residues are found in the engine.

At the end of this filtration test, it is found that the foam filter and the HEPA filter are intact. Therefore, it will not be necessary to maintain these filters regularly. However, we recommend that you check their condition from time to time in order to dust them off if necessary.


Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA Suction

The manufacturer saw fit to supply the Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA with only one main brush and to relieve it of a parquet brush. This canister vacuum performed well in all test areas, but it was on thick carpet that it pleasantly surprised us. Indeed, this test area is particularly tricky for our vacuum cleaners, which generally have trouble sucking up waste in the long pile of the carpet, which is not at all the case with the Silence Force RO7455EA. He managed to recover 95% of the material in 30 s and all of it in 1 minute. To vacuum in the best conditions, we have placed the classic brush in the carpet position and the slider on maximum power.

In comparison, the Miele Complete C3 Silence EcoLine SGSK3 did not collect more than 80% of the waste after two minutes of vacuuming. On fine carpet, we left the dimmer half open so that the brush does not stick too much to the floor and placed the cursor on intermediate power (Carpet mode). In this configuration, it sucked 93% of the material in 30 seconds, which is an honorable performance.

On hard ground, by activating maximum power and placing the brush on hard ground mode, we vacuumed 98% of the debris in 30 seconds, which again is a very good result.


Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA Noise

The manufacturer particularly communicates on the very low sound level of the Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA and promises 58 dB (A). We measured a sound level of 60 dB (A) at the lowest and 65 dB (A) on the maximum power. (the loudest). If this canister vacuum cleaner is one of the quietest in our comparison, it does not dethrone the king of silence which, to this day, is none other than the Electrolux Pure D8 Silence which displays only 44 dB ( AT).


Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA Pros:

  • Very silent.
  • Quality materials and assembly.
  • Very efficient filtration.
  • Very good suction performance especially on thick carpet.

Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA Cons:

  • Imposing and heavy to carry.
  • Only one bag delivered.
  • No parquet brush.


Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA Pros: CONCLUSION

Rowenta signs here a very good vacuum cleaner with bag. The Silence Force RO7455 is not only sturdy and maneuverable, but it also offers very good suction performance on all types of floors, including high pile carpets and this is rare enough to be emphasized. A word of warning all the same: it is particularly imposing and will not necessarily be suitable for smaller households.

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