Sharkoon Drakonia II Driver + Manual & Software

Download Software Sharkoon Drakonia II for Windows. The Sharkoon Drakonia II gaming mouse was delivered fully assembled. After connecting it to the computer, it was recognized immediately and was basically fully operational. Basically, the mouse completely corresponds to the product description and the images in terms of functions, design and setting options.


Sharkoon Drakonia II Drivers & Review

This gaming mouse is very suitable for gaming due to its precise sensor and the fast execution of commands. The cadence between input and execution is so low that it is not noticeable either when playing or when using the mouse “normally” on the PC.

The Sharkoon Drakonia II weight of the mouse can be adjusted using five small weights, which are located in the back of the mouse. Depending on the number of weights, not only the weight of the mouse changes, but also the center of gravity, which can be played with a little and adapted to individual needs. In general, the mouse has a good feel despite its smooth surface on the back. The design offers a pleasant shape and support for the hand. The cable is long enough.

In addition to the “standard” buttons that every mouse has, the mouse wheel, the six additional buttons, the fire mode and the DPI buttons are particularly noticeable. In addition to the scroll function, the mouse wheel has lateral inputs and can be pushed in. The six additional buttons, the rapid fire mode and the DPI controls can basically be set completely freely and at will and are not tied to the commands mentioned. The Sharkoon Drakonia II also has four light elements, which can be set completely freely except for the DPI display.

Sharkoon Drakonia II Software:

The manufacturer’s free software can be easily downloaded from this website without having to register. The program is quickly installed and ready to use. There are basically five profiles available, all of which have the same setting options.

The Sharkoon Drakonia II software gives the user the great freedom to assign any key to a command at will, which can be particularly interesting for left-handers. In addition, “standard values” such as mouse acceleration, mouse pointer, scroll and double-click speed can be set in small steps. There are six different DPI modes in each profile, which can be freely adjusted from one another in terms of horizontal and vertical movement. Thanks to preset commands, switching through these levels can be assigned to one of the mouse buttons. In the factory setting, the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons on the back of the mouse are assigned to this command.

The lighting can be customized in a wide variety of colors and modes. Except for the DPI display on the left, the lighting elements on the side buttons, the mouse wheel and the logo on the back can also be completely displayed.
There is also a simple macro manager that works.

Sharkoon Drakonia II Quality:

I’ve been using the mouse for about three years now and the mouse works almost like it did on the first day. The mouse wheel alone is very stiff when moving sideways. All other buttons work as they did on the first day and have sufficient voltage. Despite daily use, the mouse shows no obvious signs of wear and tear. The surface of all buttons is surprisingly unchanged.

Sharkoon Drakonia II Pros:

  • – Good sensor and low cadence between input and execution of commands
  • – All keys can be freely assigned
  • – Very good haptics and adjustment of the weight of the mouse possible
  • – Keys give good feedback
  • – Sufficient number of sensibly placed additional keys
  • – Very good software for the basic settings and lighting
  • – Attractive lighting
  • – Very good workmanship (still fully functional after three years)
  • – Excellent price-performance

And after three years of daily use, the mouse works almost as it did on the first day. It is still fast and precise, all buttons work and the feel is the same as at the beginning. The sensibly placed buttons, especially the additional buttons on the side, can be reached quickly and precisely and are fully customizable. The Sharkoon Drakonia II software allows the basic settings such as DPI, scrolling or double-click speeds to be freely set. This is also possible with the beautiful lighting. All in all, this mouse is well-designed, reacts quickly and offers a good feel even over several hours, which results in a really excellent price-performance ratio.


Sharkoon Drakonia II Software Download (Drivers) & Manual Download

Sharkoon Drakonia II User Manual English – Download PDF

Sharkoon Drakonia II Software Manual English – Download PDF

Sharkoon Drakonia II for Windows (32/64-bit) – Download Zip

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