Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Firmware + Manual

Gaming Mouse – Download Driver Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 for Windows. yes that’s it now, the Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 sensor is crazy, the mouse stutters and depending on your mood, it gets faster and sometimes slower. For me a very mixed product and in the end the bad experiences I had with Sharkoon are confirmed. Good approaches, but bad quality for me!


Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Drivers & Review

Because I wanted to rework the squeaky buttons, I unscrewed the mouse, simply removed the A Torx 10 screw under the QC Passe sticker (which will be important!), Pull the upper shell back and the mouse is open, a lot you can’t see the LEDS, the Omeron Red and Green Switches, the mouse wheel etc. Good, side buttons go out with a little fiddling and a little rum fingered until they are more suitable, but what I then have to see is really disappointing!

Huge, bite-like processing marks on the upper shell! I thought who the hell drove over there with a tank? Seriously, you can’t deliver something like that and then press QC passed on it! Sharkoon I think you have to have a serious word with your suppliers! This is botch, even if the mouse works, I can only give something like that 2 stars, sorry Sharkoon! After some time of use, I can now judge quite well what the first problems with the SGM2 are!

The Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 problems that have arisen so far are generally three smaller ones: On the one hand, you notice that the mouse wheel is a little wobbly, the precision and function are still there, but you can feel that it is becoming more spongy.

The same applies to the buttons on the side, because they already creak slightly with me and don’t feel as crisp as they used to! I think that it has something to do with the fact that the case has sagged a little over time and due to the weight of my hand and the buttons no longer fit perfectly.

Furthermore, I noticed a small construction flaw, namely we unintentionally pressed the button on the bottom for the color mode due to weight or general use! Has happened to me very often, not tragic because you can’t see the lighting anyway when using it, but there it should be improved at some point. All in all, nothing tragic, the Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 gaming mouse has worked so far without any major annoyances. In my eyes, still to be recommended!

First of all, this is a first impression, as I haven’t owned the mouse for a long time, I can’t give you any information about its durability! But on the first impression I am thrilled, even though I am not a huge fan of Sharkoon as I have had some bad experiences with some of their keyboards. In addition, it should be mentioned that the SGM 2 does not have software for customization like its predecessor, the Fire Glider.

Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with what is on offer here for under 18 €! Due to defects in my Logitech G402 (after not even 3 years) I was looking for a replacement and I was looking for an alternative for my medium-sized hands.

First I ended up at Logitech again but, as unfortunately often in the last few years, I would be disappointed quite quickly.
Not necessarily from the quality but from what Logitech now sells as an entry-level. I tested both the new G203 (inflated office mouse without extras) and the G300s and both were too little gaming mouse for me for around 30 € and just too small for my hands.

Well, I thought, I’ll see if there might still be the old and quite large Fire Glider and yes it can still be found under a different name and manufacturer but for a whopping 35 € and that was too much for me. But then I also noticed the SGM 2 from Sharkoon and I thought to myself, for 18 € you should try it out.

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Software & Function

Arrived unpacked, I was really surprised, so much mouse for the few toads? OK, there is no software (yet), but I hardly needed it anyway. (LEDs can still be set / switched off) I hope that there is an identical mouse from Ozone (Neon M50) that has software for it. (And no, the Ozone software unfortunately doesn’t work with the mouse!). The first time I test Sharkoon Skiller SGM2, I was pleasantly surprised, the workmanship is very good, nothing rattles, everything is made of solid, thick plastic and then in a size where even larger hands than mine can still grasp.

Sure, apart from a nice RGB lighting, this mouse hardly offers extras like some other manufacturers have, but for people who just want to gamble and can do without all these extras, the SGM 2 is a real alternative at a real competitive price.

Your only two shortcomings, with really big hands (fortunately not the case with me) the side buttons could turn out to be too small or difficult to press and on top of that, a textile cable is set again, which in my eyes has been from the beginning of this trend is simply bullshit (usually doesn’t last longer and makes the cable unnecessarily stiff.)

The mouse loosens at work and plays with either 400/1200/3200 or even a whopping 6400 dpi and that is neat, although superfluous in my eyes. (I’ve never played with more than 3000 dpi). The keys are nice and crisp without being annoying loud and the mouse wheel has a very pleasant grid. The sides that are covered with rubber generally offer a good grip.

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 glides quite well despite its massive body and a bit heavier, but I like it so much! (On top of that there were 2x replacement gliding feet on top for free!) If the mouse lasts longer than the competition, I can only say: Bravo Sharkoon! (Why not with the keyboards as well?) So my friends, below here the Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 drivers and software download.


Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Driver Download (Software + Manual)

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Premium Content – Download PDF

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Manual – Download PDF

Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 Firmware for Windows – Download Zip

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