Titanwolf Specialist Driver + Manual

Download Driver Titanwolf Specialist Gaming Mouse for Windows. A superficially tested software full of small bugs and with a not well thought-out menu that wants to fade in inadequacies with souped-up graphics. Small details are botched in the software, here the manufacturer has not made a proper approval. Little brains with the user interface and what features the customer might primarily be interested in and what is gimmick. Strange fine-linked folding menus (why?) with several profiles and different DPI settings (approach implemented well but too cumbersome & meaningless).


Titanwolf Specialist Driver & Quick Review

Doesn’t remember the settings in borderline cases (if you play around too much and try exotic things that come off the standard route, problems, apparently not everything was checked or the fringe cases do not work properly). What happened to me in an incomprehensible way according to the roulette principle: Immediate updates are not carried out, changes are not saved.

I also cannot change the color of the sidelight on the left or turn it off. A previous reviewer wrote that the macros would take about 500ms to execute instead of the stated 5ms; In my opinion, it fits into the overall picture of the software and can get there very well even if I haven’t tried it myself.

When turning off the sidelight, I first thought it was my mistake that I couldn’t find it until I came across the funnel that probably the specification / requirements engineering was not worked properly and the function was simply forgotten.

The Titanwolf Specialist software itself was not even with an 08 / 15 Code certificate signed for 99 euros, and that means I have to manually provide admin rights every time Windows is started, very annoying. I also have to do that twice because it will also be done twice loaded (when assembling the Install shield, the coder also messed with the auto start settings). And it is loaded regularly with other stuff from the task bar instead of Pre-WinBoot (with an input device, the amateur level is> 9000).

According to my “normal” software industry standards, I would distribute sober 0 stars and a deadline. Since this is a consumer-oriented site where the “normal” function is often sufficient without deeper settings, there is a 3rd. Tip to the manufacturer: Write the Titanwolf Specialist software from scratch, if it looks as chaotic as it does now, the source code doesn’t get any better be. So everything so far in the trash and back on the go.

This Titanwolf Specialist to replace my Logitech G602, but it’s definitely not a replacement. My G602 had the double click syndrome so I was looking for a replacement mouse, the Titanwolf is not bad for casual gamers or surfers. For hardcore gaming it can only be recommended to a limited extent, it glides almost by itself on my Sharkoon Gaming mouse pad as the gliding properties are very good, the button arrangement is also well laid out, all buttons are easy to move and easy to reach.

What I don’t like so much is the relatively smooth surface of the mouse, it lies comfortably in the hand and can be adjusted very well thanks to the weight, but the surface is too smooth for me. Perhaps the manufacturer will consider using a rubberized surface. But otherwise Titanwolf Specialist is great!

Titanwolf Specialist Pros:

  • – Fits well in the hand
  • – Exactly the right size
  • – Thumb rest ok (could be a bit wider), ideal resting position for the thumb between the four side buttons
  • – Programmable: software not as good as, for example, that for Logitech gaming mice, but usable
  • – Sensor is sufficient for me: a 3336 is installed, which is supposed to be a variant of the 3330, which in turn is supposed to be a slimmed-down version of the 3360 (if you are interested, just google it)
  • – Adjustment by weights
  • – Sliding pads is great

Titanwolf Specialist Cons:

At first I had problems with dead zones and pixel skipping under Windows 10 (1709). The latter not under Overwolf, but very simply on the Windows 10 desktop (violent podium formation when trying to draw a diagonal line under Paint) and also under Fallout 4 when aiming. In the meantime I have found the right parameters for me from DPI, Polling Rate, Mouse Speed ​​and Axis Sensitivity. So nothing negative to report.


Titanwolf Specialist Drivers Download & Manual PDF

Titanwolf Specialist User Manual PDF – Download

Titanwolf Specialist Software Driver – Download Size 8.9MB

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