Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Driver + Manual

Download Driver Mouse Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx for Windows. In addition to various other vertical mice because of permanent shoulder tension, I recently tried the Trust Rexx 22991 Vertical Gaming Mouse.


Trust GXT 144 Rexx Drivers & Quick Review

None of the previously tested vertical mice were ultimately suitable for gaming. Unfortunately, the actually beautifully designed mouse did not turn out to be the solution to my problem. My impression in detail:

Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Pros:

  • + Chic design that doesn’t look exaggerated like Transformer or Opel Tuning Group
  • + The more vertical shape noticeably eases tension and pain in the arm
  • + Keys don’t seem as rickety and cheap as with some competitors
  • + Various dpi- Movement


Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Cons:

  • – The mouse inevitably slips out of your hand whenever you lift it a little from the table top while playing, in order to move it back a little. The reason is the shape: the mouse becomes wider and wider from top to bottom. There is an indentation on the thumb side so that the thumb gets enough grip. But on the opposite side there is no indentation for the other fingers, so that the mouse constantly slips away. You can get around this by pressing very hard against the mouse with your fingers while the thumbs on the opposite side are pressing. However, this led to a) even greater tension in my arm than before and b) to the fact that I accidentally click due to the pressure when lifting. I didn’t have this problem with cheaper, more office-oriented vertical mice of a similar design,
  • – The soft-touch surface, which is apparently popular with mice at the moment, makes this slippery even worse
  • – Unfortunately, I sometimes had inaccuracies with the mouse buttons. Sometimes the right mouse button, when clicked directly after the left mouse button, seemed to react with a minimal delay. No problem in everyday office life, unfortunately a knockout criterion for shooters and fast action games.

I think It’s really a shame, but the Trust REXX Vertical Mouse has unfortunately turned out to be unusable for the advertised purpose (gaming) for the reasons mentioned. For me that was unfortunately an expensive apprenticeship, but I have no choice but to continue testing myself through the market.

When asked, the friendly Trust Support advised me to experiment with flexing and stretching fingers to hold the mouse, as well as moving the fingers from front to back to find a better hand position. Ultimately, I was told, all hands are of course different. Unfortunately, the instructions did not reduce the slipperiness of the mouse. In the meantime, I thought my hands were just too big (although I don’t have exceptionally large hands either). That’s why I once asked my friend to try the mouse and just give me her impression. Unfortunately, it is exactly the same for her: She simply cannot hold or lift the mouse, it immediately slips out of her hand. Really a shame about the money.


Trust GXT 144 Rexx Driver Download

Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Manual

Trust Gaming GXT 144 Rexx Drivers for Windows 10,8.1,8,7 (32/64-bit) – Download .exe 4.17MB

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