Trust GXT 138 X-Ray Driver + Manual

Download Driver GXT 138 X-Ray Gaming Mouse for Windows. Once these as well as those in the other color (forest camouflage). The forest camouflage mouse is not recommended! Reason to be found below!


Trust GXT 138 X-Ray Drivers & Quick Review

Trust GXT 138 X-Ray has very good quality! I especially like all the features it has! I would buy 10/10 points again anytime. But, stay away from the other mouse with forest camouflage or what that is. Because I’ve sent it back twice and got a new defective mouse every time! The DPI adjustment button was always without function! I guess a production error or something corrosive that sent back and forth!

Unfortunately, the Trust GXT 138 X-Ray mouse is often still in my hand and is affected. With plastic mice this unfortunately ends in a disaster and you may have to get a new mouse. The Trust GXT 138 X-Ray mouse, however, is ideally suited for emotional reactions in games, it consists largely of metal and is therefore very stable. The only problem now is when you put your finger under the mouse. The only thing I could criticize is that 2 of the 3 thumb buttons are a bit small and therefore a bit harder to find.

This Trust GXT 138 X-Ray gaming mouse has replaced a functioning Logitech mouse in the upper price range because it has a thumb rest and recesses for the little fingers and also has easily accessible, freely assignable buttons. The PC rodent has lasted for several months without any problems.

The mouse is identical to a cheaper Chinese mouse, which is no longer available. The lighting colors can be adjusted what the mouse remembers. It is probably worthwhile for everyone to adapt the quickly switchable profiles. The somewhat stiff, sleeved cable may be annoying, but this is irrelevant here. Therefore it deserves five stars from me!

After I threw around 20 mice on the wall in about 10 months (including from Razer; Roccat; Cherry; Manhattan; LogiTech and various unknown manufacturers), because they just felt bad in my hand, my girlfriend now has me this mouse for free. And what should I say? The Trust GXT 138 X-Ray mouse lies incredibly well in the hand and is absolutely precise. The weight is also perfect. I fell in love with this mouse and I can only recommend it warmly.

Trust GXT 138 X-Ray worked so well, so immediately I came across this mouse and thought you can’t say no to the price and I ordered it immediately, even after three days, connected it and started immediately I can only recommend this mouse to everyone with small hands and also thin hands, whether you buy it now or not is your business, I can only say one thing

I use this Trust GXT 138 X-Ray gaming mouse as an all-round mouse. So for gaming, for office or just surfing. It is a very comfortable mouse with extra weights that can be taken out and stored in an appropriate small box. The mouse is also very nice to look at with its LEDs. The 5 extra buttons on the side and the extra button for double clicks are just as great features. For 30 € you get everything you need here. Due to the processing of metallic components, the mouse is extremely solid and has many small buttons for individual assignment. The USB cable is also long enough so that it can also be used on a large desk surface.

So I liked the Trust GXT 138 X-Ray mouse very much, with its lighting, and also had software with it. It looks very high quality workmanship. It also had 10 buttons that are well adapted to the disine, highly recommended. The mouse itself is great, but unfortunately my hands are too big or the mouse too small that’s why I sent it back. Overall Trust GXT 138 X-Ray is a very good mouse, lies well in the hand and is also very easy to handle. The program for setting the programmable keys is easy to use. Very good quality and is well made. The price is completely acceptable.


Trust GXT 138 X-Ray Driver Download

Trust Gaming GXT 138 X-Ray Manual – All Language PDF

Trust Gaming GXT 138 X-Ray Drivers for Windows 10,8.1,8,7 (32/64-bit) – Download .exe 5.77MB

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