UtechSmart Venus Driver + Manual

Download Driver UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse for Windows. The UtechSmart Venus mouse was originally intended for the university as an alternative to the G600 on the desktop computer, in the end I now have 2 Venus mice and so far I am absolutely satisfied. Now that the price of the G600 has almost doubled, I’m glad to have found a good alternative. Yes, the UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse.


UtechSmart Venus Drivers & Review

UtechSmart Venus: What are the pros?

  • + In particular, the side buttons feel a better pressure point than those on my G600. The use of all 12 keys is no problem for me.
  • + The UtechSmart Venus software is simple and uncomplicated, you can assign the keys accordingly and work with profiles. So far no dropouts or the like.
  • + Due to the illuminated scale, you can always see which DPI profile is available.
  • + The mouse glides very well and the thumb is also very comfortable.
  • + The acceleration, DPI, transmission frequency can be adjusted properly and easily.
  • + Price / performance ratio has been very convincing so far.

UtechSmart Venus Cons:

  • The mouse has a weight compartment, but personally I don’t really notice a difference between a full and empty configuration.

At this point in time I cannot say anything about the durability, but so far no defects have been noticed in the processing and everything works without any problems. The UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse with up to 16400 DPI has replaced my long-serving Razer Naga Molten, which lasted over 10 years!

Visually, this Venus also looks great. You quickly get used to the arrangement of the side buttons and my concerns about accidentally accessing the DPI control buttons under the mouse wheel have vanished.

There are deductions because of the mouse wheel, which after less than half a year of use often drags when scrolling. This apparently happens because the mouse wheel is too loose and is pressed against the edge while scrolling to the left.


UtechSmart Venus Drivers & Function

The associated mouse software (from the developer’s website) also offers next to no options for setting macros. Since the mouse has the name MMO Gaming Mouse, I assumed that you could choose more than just one way of turning macros on or off.

As an example: The mouse button 4, the so-called fire button (small button to the left of LMB) should have the function of spamming the LMB button until it is pressed again. This is not possible because you cannot make a macro with the manufacturer’s software that runs until the respective key is pressed again. You can set a maximum of 255 actions with the options that you have at the factory. The Macro Manager is also almost impossible to understand or to be found at all. I would like to give the mouse one more star, but these two points bother me too much.

After 3 years of partly intensive use, I now have the first dropouts and the mouse is disconnected / reconnected irregularly while playing. It couldn’t keep up with the old mouse for a long time (it’s also a different price range), but it held up well for the price.

Brought this in 2014 still going strong have had no problems with the mouse excellent build quality for a great price. The UtechSmart 16400 DPI Gaming Mouse has excellent performance and good comfort. Build quality is pretty good, and it’s so fits for our palm grip. The detail design with ring finger relax which are more suitable for us to handle. And the 6ft braided cord feel more durable.

There are 18 programmable keys on this mouse. It comes with a driver that you can easily set up the programmable mouse buttons that the way you would like. And the 12 programmable on the side of it. The buttons you can independently set up as a clicks, key-presses or various system commands (egplay / pause media, mute, volume up / down, lock the screen). I use it for MMO games and also fps, now I use it for all games that I Play. Overall the UtechSmart Venus is an excellent gaming mouse.


UtechSmart Venus Driver Download & Manual

UtechSmart Venus Manual Instruction

UtechSmart Venus Drivers for Windows (32/64-bit)

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