Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Test: Efficient connected watch

The Xiaomi Mi Watch is the latest connected watch from the Chinese manufacturer. A product sold at a low price, but which does not cut too much on the components. Let’s see if she managed to convince us. The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is a connected watch signed Xiaomi launched at a price of 70 €. For this price, it adopts a square format and incorporates a 1.4-inch color LCD screen, a battery with a theoretical autonomy of 9 days (230 Ah), but also a heart rate monitor, a GPS chip, and Bluetooth 5.0.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Ergonomics

As we said during its presentation, the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is not entirely unknown since this connected watch from the Chinese manufacturer has already been shown in China in December 2020 before arriving in Europe.

The Mi Watch Lite therefore incorporates a 1.4-inch color touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 320 px for a display density of 323 ppi. The plastic case has dimensions of 41 x 35 x 10.9 mm and the object weighs only 35 g. The 20mm wide strap is interchangeable, allowing the user to slightly customize their watch. The frame includes a single button that is used to activate the watch or initiate activities.

What we notice first of all is that the watch is extremely pleasant on the wrist and that we very quickly forget its presence. While we are sometimes embarrassed in our sleep by an imposing watch on the wrist, its small size makes it also relevant and discreet.

Xiaomi has taken care of a few details. The physical button is for example easily accessible with its placement on the upper right corner, which does not obstruct the screen when you grab the watch to access it. Also, the edges of the screen are slightly curved, which makes sliding the finger more pleasant.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Application

Xiaomi could have made it simple by updating the existing Mi Fit app, but no. The company preferred to use a second application called Xiaomi Wear Lite, which is obviously already used to connect a few devices: Mi Watch Color, Redmi Band, Mi Smart Band 5, Mi Watch Color Sport and Redmi Watch on iOS. But no traces of the Mi Watch Lite, which therefore forces for the moment to use an Android smartphone exclusively. With our Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the application is well compatible with the watch.

What else to say about this application? Here it is more basic than Mi Fit, but no less pleasant to use. It consists of a Profile tab, a Training tab, and a Status page which groups the history of your activities (sleep, workouts, heart rate). We can obviously adjust the data and bring up a Blood Oxygen or Stress tile if needed.

Note that the Profile page also allows you to manage the notifications received by the watch or to search for new dials on the Internet.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Interface

On the interface side, Xiaomi is simple, and that’s good. If the function is activated, the screen is activated directly by raising the wrist. Otherwise, you will simply have to click on the physical button located to the right of the watch. This reveals the dial, and navigation is then done by swipes on each side of the screen.

You can also access all apps and functions from a second click on the physical button. They then appear in the form of tiles, the pictograms of which must be learned to recognize for intuitive use.

With fairly basic functions, the watch does not offer any frills on the interface side. Remember that the heart rate monitor operates continuously, which allows data to be obtained in real time. It is also possible to control music playback from your wrist, convenient. Obviously, a do not disturb mode is in the game, as is the option to lock the screen after a few seconds, or to choose to cover the watch with your hand to turn off the screen.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Uses and precision

The strong point of this watch is that at less than 60 €, it offers an integrated GPS. The advantage is to be able to do without taking a smartphone on board during our sports sessions, and still obtain precise data of the distances traveled or a memory of the route. Coupled with the heart rate monitor, this data is sufficient for most users. It is also necessary that the components are of quality.

Precisely, the GPS is quite reliable on our running outings. There is a difference of 100 meters maximum per kilometer. On a 10 km race, the difference will therefore be plus or minus 1 km. But again, it obviously depends on the quality of the GPS of your smartphone, which is not the standard meter, let us remember. Just remember that the Mi Watch Lite’s GPS is quite reliable.

As for the heart rate monitor, it is also quite satisfactory, and precise to take averages. On our run, he averaged 166 bpm, and 182 bpm max HR. The Polar H10 chest strap that we use in comparison has an average of 162 bpm and a max. of 187 bpm. The difference is therefore minimal, and the watch is on the whole relevant for endurance outings in running or cycling.

However, the heart rate monitor has a little more trouble when it comes to spotting sudden drops or increases in heart rate. For interval training, and if you need very precise data, you will surely have to opt for a model more designed for sport.

The data collected during sleep is quite basic, but relevant. The watch records the time of falling asleep, that of waking up, and the phases of light and deep sleep. It then gives a sleep score, which some will use to identify the night that got the better of their week of fitness. The accelerometer suddenly seems fairly well calibrated, since even in the event of restless sleep, like that of your editor and it does not consider it a phase of awakening.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Autonomy

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite offers a very good battery life that easily reaches 10 days with moderate use, while intensive use lowers the endurance between 6 and 7 days. Menus for adjusting the functions also allow you to save a little energy, for example by deactivating the “lift to activate”.

Note that it takes less than 2 hours to fully charge the Mi Watch Lite with its proprietary charger (magnetic base) provided.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite STRONG POINTS:

  • Integrated GPS.
  • Lightweight watch and comfortable to wear, even at night.
  • Great autonomy.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite WEAK POINTS:

  • No iOS compatibility.
  • Not suitable for fractional.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite CONCLUSION

For its price positioning, the Mi Watch Lite is a very interesting product. Frankly more elegant than a connected bracelet, it displays pretty finishes that make it a discreet and elegant watch to wear every day. In addition, its GPS and heart rate monitor give it sports functions which have the merit of being quite reliable. Finally, its autonomy is pleasant, with more than 9 days of endurance.

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