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February 25, 2017

Apple iPhone 8: news, rumors, new features

Apple iPhone 8: news, rumors, new features

This year must sit - 10 Years iPhone. This screams formally after a glorious keynote with features that the world has not yet seen. But as always, Apple remains silent. Luckily, there is the rumored kitchen, because there is now already an infinite amount of information about the new iPhone 8. But which are true? And what is unlikely? COMPUTER BILD bursts through all rumors and brings all news around one of the hottest smartphones of the year - the Apple iPhone 8. The latest rumor: Supposedly, the iPhone 8 comes with a 3D Selfie camera.

IPhone 8: Without Homebutton?
A few weeks ago, a patented patent already indicated that Apple could do without the iPhone 8 completely on a Homebutton. A theory that the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo now confirms according to a media report: A virtual "function area" is to replace the physical indentation of the key. This should extend over the entire lower edge of the smartphone and be comparable with that in the touchbar of the most recent MacBook models. Depending on the context, different input options should be selectable - such as controls for playing videos or games.

Effective screen size would shrink
Sounds like an interesting concept, but it would also bring disadvantages. Thus, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, only 5.15 inches remained for the display of other contents by the insertion of the Function Area from the assumed 5.8 inch display. Also remains unclear, as Apple in this case the previously touched in the hometaste touch-ID function. For example, a fingerprint sensor that is placed directly behind the screen or even a new biometric identification method, such as facial recognition, would be conceivable.

Apple patent: display damage detection
No matter how good or big the display is. In the everyday life of users, damage to the smartphone display is one of the biggest annoyances. In a now granted patent, Apple describes an interesting method for automatically detecting breaks or cracks in the display glass. In this case, already existing sensors could be used, such as the touch sensor, or sensors specially made for this purpose. According to the Apple patent, which was filed on August 12, 2015, the detection could serve several purposes: on the one hand, the user could get an indication of which parts of the smartphone are damaged. On the other hand, however, damage data could also be transmitted to the manufacturer in a collected manner so that the latter can eliminate frequent breakpoints in the smartphone in follow-up models. The patent also describes how cracks could be discovered with the help of light.

Display with 521 ppi?
Another interesting detail in the testimony of Ming-Chi Kuo is, according to 9to5Mac , that the display of the iPhone 8 is to provide a pixel density of 521 ppi. For comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with its 5.5-inch screen at only 401 ppi. If the information would be true, the display of the upcoming Apple smartphone would not only be higher resolution, but much sharper than the previous models.

Wireless charging technology on board?
A long time ago rumors circulated that the upcoming iPhone supports wireless charging technology; Foxconn employees had reported internal testing of the technology. Now Apple provides itself a hint for the possible use of the technology. The company has now stepped quietly and secretly to the so-called Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) , which develops the charging technology Qi: The membership overview of the consortium lists Apple as "Full Member". According to Apple, the group has joined the consortium to participate in the "open, joint development of future wireless wireless standards and to contribute ideas". This is what the company has said about business insiders .

Notes in the past
Although accession is not a confirmation of the use of charging technology, it is in line with a previous media report , which is given by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to him, he also assumes that all new iPhone models have the loading via induction on board. For this Apple must however a new and in the production about 5 US dollar (4.70 euro) more expensive 3D touch module. The reason: equipment is strongly heated during induction charging. To ensure that the heat-sensitive module does not fail, Kuo has to protect it with an additional graphite layer.

Glass housing on board?
The speculation about wireless charging coincide with the rumor that the new iPhone will own a glass case. This would be a technical requirement for inductive charging of the battery. In addition, Apple already has experience with wireless charging technology: With the inductive charging cable of the Apple watch, the manufacturer apparently long ago on Qi. However , according to a report from The Register , Apple decided not to submit it to interoperability testing. That's why Apple's watch can not be charged with other Qi-compatible power supplies.

The production of the iPhone 8 is scheduled to start in June
According to analysts of the Barrons group, the iPhone 8 is to be produced much earlier than before from previous generations. Apparently, there are "several hints" that Apple starts production in June. Before, a test preparation should run. The company wants to check the quality of its product and correct defects earlier. Nevertheless the release is not to be preferred: The iPhone 8 appears as planned in September.

Exclusive design study shows the Apple iPhone 8
The iPhone 8, the successor to the iPhone 7 , is said to be a big throw. Apparently , Apple is busy in a research and development center in Herzliya in Israel. Already today a design study shows exclusively at COMPUTER BILD, what the new flagship might look like. The photo stretch above presents different views of the brand new design.

The display grows, the housing does not!
The almost frameless design is designed to help Apple to make the screen size grow without changing the outer dimensions of the case. This means that mobile phone holders, such as in the car, can still be used. The small iPhone 8 is thus growing from 4.7 to 5.2 inches in the diagonal, the iPhone 8 Plus from 5.5 inches to a whopping 5.8 inches. There is also something to do with display technology: speculation about a curved OLED display and a waterproof housing make the round. Some rumors also assume that there are three iPhone versions.

IPhone 8 with glass housing and OLED display?
Further speculations have been pointing to an iPhone case made of glass for months . They seem to confirm: The well-known market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which was so far mostly correct with his predictions, assumes that the front and back of the iPhone 8 are made of glass. Sharp CEO Tai Jeng-Wu seems to agree, he also publicly announced that Apple is obviously planning a new design. As early as 2016 COMPUTER BILD showed how an iPhone Glass Edition could look. Currently, Apple uses these displays only at the Apple Watch and in the new Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro and thereby benefits from the better representation of the colors and details. Well implemented, OLED holds enormous energy saving potential. Corresponding reports on a curved display with this technology already exist.
Apple iPhone 8: news, rumors, new features

Back to iPhone 4 design?
The following picture shows a different design study, in which case it focuses on recycling the iPhone 4 design: clear stainless steel edge and front and rear glass. It has designed the digital portal Gsmarena . The stainless steel rail would also be much more scratch-resistant than the previous aluminum housing, but it would not be so easy to color through anodized layers.

Patents and secret lab
John Gruber, a well-informed blogger, said in a podcast that Apple would probably work on an edge-to-edge display. Gruber further explains that the integration of touch-ID sensor, camera and loudspeaker behind the display is conceivable - even if he has no explanation how this should go. The exciting thing about the rumors of John Gruber: Only rarely does the blogger talk about such reports and if, then he is with his assessments mostly gold correct. In addition to this, Apple has filed for patents several years ago, and the manufacturer is researching 50 engineers on new displays in a secret Apple lab.

Like from a mold
Grubber's speculation about an iPhone from a single cast is getting more fuel: Anonymous sources - according to the New York Times employees at Apple - claim that the entire front of the next iPhones is intended for the display. These statements support the previous rumors. The sources also confirm a home-button, which is only virtual, existing on the screen.

What the iPhone 7 is missing
If the engineers at Apple are already, here are some suggestions that the COMPUTER BILD editorial would sweeten the day:
  • Break resistant display
  • Smallest memory option at least 64 gigabytes
  • Dual SIM function
  • USB-C so you do not need an adapter for your MacBook!
  • Apple SIM for Germany, no more slot or ...
  • ... if already, then with microSD card slot

Analysts prophesy iPhone 8 sales records
According to Apple MacRumors , the well - known KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts 8 new sales records for the upcoming iPhone . In the second half of the year 2017 alone, 120 to 150 million devices are expected to migrate through the global retail counters. By way of comparison, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sold 110 million and 120 million sold copies - a huge success for the Cupertino group. What moves Ming-Chi Kuo to the positive forecast? The clever combination of three expected iPhone models: one with an OLED display with a screen diagonal of 5.2 inches the current owner of high-end iPhones move to the new purchase. The rest gets followers of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus delivered in the well-known 4.7 and 5.5 inch format. Also the renowned analyst Timothy Arcuri of the investment bank Cowen prophesies Apple golden times . The reason for this is the big hype about the iPhone 8 and a growing user who has recently been back with the purchase of new devices. The purchase potential is enormous. No wonder even Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley expected a stock explosion of the Apple stock and raised the price target from 124 to 148 US dollars. It even recommends the early purchase of Apple shares.

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