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February 27, 2017

Exclusive action: Cheap DVB-T2 HD receiver with HD TV subscription

Exclusive action: Cheap DVB-T2 HD receiver with HD TV subscription

Die inhabitants of around ten million households see from the March 29, 2017 Once nothing when they turn on their TV set. The reason: a technical changeover in transmission mode. DVB-T, the previous standard for TV reception by antenna, is replaced by the new DVB-T2 HD process, which provides HD picture. Freenet and COMPUTER BILD save you from a black screen: Now you can secure a DVB-T2 HD receiver for your TV, which is reduced by 100 Euros to 50 Euros. There is also a discount for the HD TV subscription ("freenet TV", duration 24 months), with which you also see the private like RTL, Sat.1 or Pro7 in HD. Four months are free for you.

Do you watch TV via DVB-T?
Have you noticed any recent changes to the DVB-T conversion from DVB-T? Then you receive your TV program via DVB-T antenna. If in doubt, check the list of stations. If there are foreign programs or Sky channels, then you will receive TV by cable or satellite, and you do not have to do anything.

DVB-T2 HD launch in conurbations
At least 30 programs are to be available for the launch of DVB-T2 HD from the 29th of March, and a further expansion is planned for some 40 stations. The public TV stations ARD and ZDF, including various channels such as ZDFneo and One HD, as well as the large personalities such as RTL, Pro7 and Sat.1, are also present. Over antenna, the so far only in a few large cities. The conversion from DVB-T to DVB-T2 HD takes place initially in urban areas.

Private only for an extra charge
As of the end of March, the private users are to be available in the entire broadcasting area of ​​DVB-T2 with suitable receivers. However, they require an extra charge for HD reception via an antenna - as well as for HD reception via cable or satellite. From July, 5.75 Euro per month for DVB-T2 HD are due or 69 Euro per year. With the joint action of Freenet and COMPUTER BILD you get four free months and save 23 euros in the first year.

Cheap receiver for DVB-T2 HD
Can not your TV DVB-T2 HD still receive? Secure your Samsung GX-MB540TL DVB-T2 HD receiver for a one-time fee of 49.95 Euro (instead of 100 Euro normal price). The receiver is available exclusively in the package with a Freenet TV subscription (24 months term). You will receive four free months. The Samsung HD receiver offers as an extra media library access.

Already tested
The Samsung receiver GX-MB540TL left the COMPUTER BILD test as sophisticated as expensive receivers - only one recording function is missing. Owners of Samsung TVs are familiar with the remote control and menus, program changes also work with the TV remote control.

This is how you secure your DVB-T2 HD receiver
  • About cobi.de/go/dvb-t2 you reach the Action page. The exclusive action will run until April 30, 2017 .
  • On the action page, enter your details (name, address) and your bank account. You will then receive your Samsung receiver by post.
  • The first four months of "freenet TV" are free for you . This free period is valid until at least 31 July 2017.
  • The Freenet TV subscription has a minimum running time of 24 months. If you do not wish to continue using the offer after this period, you must terminate at the end of the minimum running time at the latest three months. You will find the address on your invoice. If you do not cancel in due time, the contract is extended by 12 months. You can keep your receiver in any case.
  • The action applies to all adult readers with German main residence. Only while supplies last.
  • There is a 14-day withdrawal period.
  • With a Freenet TV subscription and a DVB-T2 receiver, you can watch HD TV on one TV set each. For each additional device, you will need another subscription as well as a receiver.

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