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February 28, 2017

Pearl Simvalley Mobile Smart clock in practice test

Pearl Simvalley Mobile Smart clock in practice test

Dost manufacturers sell Smart Watches from 100 euros, some watches cost many times more. The dispatch house Pearl has in 2017 three smart watches for 40 to 70 euros on offer. COMPUTER BILD has tried the model "Simvalley Mobile" - the most expensive of the new releases. The practice test reveals how well it is equipped and whether it can keep up with the right smartwatches.

Classification and appearance of the product
According to the test criteria of COMPUTER BILD, the Pearl watch strictly does not belong to the Smartwatches because it can not be installed on its own apps. The user must take the clock as it is set at the factory. Three menus, each with eight colorful round mini apps, can be reached via the touch screen. With 240x204 pixels on a 3.5-centimeter LCD display, the screen is sufficiently sharp. The housing is 4.2 centimeters in diameter yet slim enough for narrow wrists. With 54 grams, the clock is not too heavy, it is pleasant to wear. The synthetic leather bracelet looks surprisingly high quality. It is embroidered with a white seam.

First impression: Simvalley Mobile
The equipment is sumptuous: speakers with hands-free function, pulse sensor, sleep register and step sensor. In practice test everything has worked. However, while other wearables automatically record footsteps, pulse and sleep, the user of his Simvalley watch has to manually command the button every time. This is old-fashioned. From the time have fallen also the sounds, which the smart clock from itself gives. When switched on, it sounds like the ringtone of an old Nokia mobile phone. The watch finishes are disappointing, there is only one analogue and one digital dial.

App and compatibility
The smart clock can be connected with iOS from 7.0 and Android from 4.4. No data can be synchronized with the computer. Both smartphone apps offer few features, the iPhone app even less than the Android app. The former shows only sleep and steps; in Android, a few settings can be made and the pulse displayed. SMS and other notifications displayed the watch in conjunction with iOS or Android. One of the previous year's models, the Simvalley , was not yet compatible with Apple phones.

Pearl Simvalley Mobile Smart clock in practice test

Strengths and weaknesses of the smart clock
In the practice test, the music control has worked well over the Simvalley clock. The remote triggering of the smartphone camera worked only with the Android phone flawlessly. The phone function has convinced you: calls can be accepted or rejected via the clock, and also call a number directly over the number field of the display. Unlike many smartwatches, it is not possible to dictate to the clock a response to received SMS messages. The battery lasted for two days. This is a normal value compared to other smartwatches. For smartwatch beginners the Simvalley is enough. It offers a lot for the price. If you want something more from the Smartwatch and a chic design with more dials, you should leave your fingers out of the bargain model.

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