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February 20, 2018

FastStone Capture 8.8 Download

FastStone Capture 8.8 Download
FastStone is a powerful utility completely free that allows us to take screenshots. Lightweight, but with all the functions of screen capture that allows us to easily capture and record anything on the screen including windows, objects, full screen menus, web pages. Then you can choose to send your own capture editor, files, clipboard, printer, email, or Word, PowerPoint, or upload the document to your website. All this with FastStone. Editing tools include, the ability to process texts, highlight, resize, watermark, edge effect application and many more.
Other features include hotkeys, automatic file name generation, external support for editors, a color picker, a screen magnifier, etc. FastStone captures, supports and saves files in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF formats. Despite these characteristics, FastStone's memory consumption is negligible. Other outstanding features are the possibility of capturing multiple windows and objects including several levels of menus, adding legends to the image, resizing, cropping, rotating, improving, polishing and adjusting colors with multiple filters. A minor detail is that it has support for multiple monitors and minimize the system tray, so we will always have it available.
Technical information of the program
  • File Name: FSCaptureSetup88.exe
  • Version: 8.8
  • Size: 3.2 mb.
  • Author: FastStone Soft.
  • Date: February 17, 2018
  • Language: Multilanguage, Includes Spanish and English.
  • System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • License: Shareware (tested for 30 days).
  • website: faststonesoft.org

June 18, 2017

Download Project of Planets Free Science Fiction Game

Download Project of Planets Free Science Fiction Game
Project of Planets Download Undoubtedly it is a futuristic game that is among the best online that are free.  It is an online role-playing game where robots are called Mechs  and there are only three races.

Each race differs from the others in terms of the weapons they use. The interface is familiar to any gamer  who likes RPG or FPS games. So, the interface of this game allows you to have a high gameplay. One point in favor of Project of Planets is that you can play both in perspective of third, as first person coming to seem for the latter, an FPS game.

Download Weezo 3.0 free

Download Weezo 3.0 free
Weezo Download is an application that will allow you to control your computer from the internet from anywhere, as long as you are connected, It seems incredible, but it is a software with infinite practical applications, from simply knowing something I need from my files at that moment in which I do not I have my computer to applications for online technical assistance for clients of some company.

Weezo is a web server with lots of possible uses. They give you the possibility to configure your profile to be able to access with your user and password through this webpage www.weezo.net/username to your session just like if you did with Windows.

You can perform a complete, remote and totally personalized management of your computer, even better than from your own computer giving greater security to your files or any other type of content.

In short an excellent program, although a bit difficult to use at the beginning but for it in its official page there are many video tutorials to help you in this magnificent software.

Download Shine theme windows 7 2.0 free

Download Shine theme windows 7 2.0 free
Shine theme windows Download If you are a Windows 7 user , the magnificent windows operating system that replaced the graceful Windows Vista, but you are a little tired of your appearance, do not worry, among the many programs to change the look of your Windows 7 let's stand out now This Shine 2.0 will make your monitor shine.

It is a theme full of elegance and virtuosity with new transparencies and buttons that will give your pc an unparalleled look. It is an exquisite design, very elegant for lovers of a unique look on your computer. It has versions for 32 and 64 bits.

The only problem, but very salvageable, is when it is installed, since you will need Universal Theme Patcher from Windows 7.We advise you to create a backup before performing this installation.

Save this little inconvenience, you can enjoy a new look on your computer, as long as the operating system you use is Windows 7.

Download Empire of Sports Many sports in one place

Download Empire of Sports Many sports in one place
Empire of Sports Download If you like a lot of sports games , we recommend playing Empire of Sports . As its name indicates, it is a game where you can access various sports.

As shown in the picture, you can play basketball, soccer, marathon, tennis and other games. The game aims to find you in one place, the most popular sports games.You can also access a community so you can make an inquiry if you want and you can also have a profile and meet many more users. Both the download and the license of the game are free.

Download Artifacts of the Past Adventure game

Download Artifacts of the Past Adventure game
Artifacts of the Past Download is an intriguing free adventure game for PC, with which you have to find out the mysteries that surround mysterious lands discovered after an expedition.

The objective of the game is to overcome the challenges posed and get to find out the mystery hidden in those mysterious lands of aborigines, whose secrets more hidden, have been passed down from generation to generation, so you have to figure it out to find out.

To achieve your goals, you must make use of your logic and solve the enigmas that arise in different phases of the game, while solving puzzles and other tests, for this you must check each and every one of the objects that fall into your hands,Trying to find some clues that help you to reconstruct the history of these mysterious lands.

June 17, 2017

Download CometBird 7.0.1 free

Download CometBird 7.0.1 free
CometBird Download Do you want to try a new web browser ? Are you looking for a new experience to surf the Internet ?, Did you think it would be impossible to avoid Internet explorer, Mozilla or Google Chrome ?. Well, here we present the new browser CometBird , with many advantages over your competitors that we are going to teach you.

It has an appearance very similar to the well-known Mozilla Firefox Web browser, but it has some important differences and advantages that we are going to comment to you.

For starters, this browser consumes very few resources so the experience of  searching and browsing the Internet will be much faster. On the other hand, its biggest advantage is that your bookmarks, bookmarks or favorites save them on-line, so that no matter what computer you use, or where, you will always have access to your favorite pages without the discomfort of having to Look for them every time you use another computer or go elsewhere.

It also has a built-in download manager so you can download images, videos, whatever you want. A highly recommended experience, surf the Internet with CometBird.

Download MAT A free and customizable FPS

Download MAT A free and customizable FPS
MAT (Mission Against Terror) Download is a first person FPS game whose purpose is to defeat the opponent using a skillful move avoiding that the shots take your life.

This game is ideal for all those who prefer FPS games  compared to other types. Even more so for those who have ever played Counter Strike and have liked it ever since. MAT allows the user to personalize his avatar and to access virtual bars during the game. Mission Against Terror  possesses the possibility of confronting other soldiers as well as mummies (mutation mode).

Download Operation 7 Play for free FPS action game

Run 7 Download is a FPS game for free license  designed for players of all ages. It is an action game with which you can entertain for free when you have free time.

The game is that you will be a soldier who must perform many battles in exchange for acquiring credits and skills. The most fun of this game is that via online you can play games with players from different parts of the world  testing all your acquired skills by playing alone. We recommend that you practice very well before facing real opponents via the web. Before downloading the game , you need to register by filling out a small form contained in the download link that we show below.

Download Shot Online Free Online Golf Game

Download Shot Online Free Online Golf Game
Shot Online Download is a sports game of golf  through which you can learn to develop your ability to accurately throw balls into holes.

In the game you can measure the strength and inclination necessary to have a correct shot. Something you should know is that in the upper right corner you can activate a small map that allows you to familiarize yourself quickly with the pitch. This game is very attractive for its graphics and 3D animation that make the game look like in the image above. Simply more than what you can expect on average for a free game.

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