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February 25, 2017

Burning iPhone 7 Plus: Apple is investigating the incident

Burning iPhone 7 Plus: Apple is investigating the incident

On Twitter, a powerful video showing a smoky iPhone 7 Plus, whose cover is already melting. Over 23,000 times, the original tweet has so far been twittered - whereby the occurrence of the Samsung debacle with the Galaxy Note 7 reminds that because of exploding batteries from the market was taken.

IPhone 7 Plus in flames: How did it happen?
According to owner Brianna Olivas, the iPhone was new and acquired by her only a month ago in the US. How it came to the incident, she told the British-American news portal Mashable : The day before the device burst into flames, it did not stop. The owner then turned to the nearest Apple store. Here, however, you could not notice anything remarkable and assured her that with the device everything was in order. When Brianna Olivia closed the iPhone to charge the charger the following night, she heard a squeaky sound, then started to smoke and the device went up in flames. Why the smartphone started to smoke during charging is not yet known. White smoke suggests that it is evaporating battery acid.

Apple is testing the case intensively
Of course, Apple is very interested in this incident as soon as enlightened, and has therefore already contacted the owner. Probably also to escape a PR disaster, similar to Samsung. Check the case intensively, as the group of the Mashable website confirmed on demand. Apple Support also prompts all owners to report immediately if they had similar issues with their iPhone 7 Plus. On Twitter, affected people can send a direct message to Apple 's support account .

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