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February 28, 2017

FinanceFox and 20 euro voucher for received

FinanceFox and 20 euro voucher for received

Smagine imagine that you have for all your insurance needs, regardless of provider, a global contact, which finds the best prices on the market depending on your needs and desired does the tedious paperwork for you. With FinanceFox this concept becomes a reality. And best of all, you do not pay a cent for it. Whoever tests the platform now and gives the administration service a representation authority for his insurances receives a voucher worth 20 euros for the shopping portal for each uploaded valid insurance. The voucher will be sent as soon as FinanceFox receives confirmation from the insurer that you are a legal customer with the company and that your details are correct. This process can take up to 3 months without your doing so. To speed up the process, simply upload a picture of your insurance policy into your FinanceFox customer portal. You can save up to 10 vouchers for

FinanceFox offers this
The clever service platform with the fox in the logo bundles all your insurances in your free online portal and provides you with a personal supervisor. Your professional consultant will manage the insurance companies whose representation you transfer to FinanceFox by mandate and check whether there are currently more favorable or better customized products on the market. Should he actually discover cheaper fares, he often even gets an extra bonus for you. On the basis of your insurance portfolio, your independent supervisor will be pleased to provide you with individual recommendations as to which additional insurances might be worthwhile for you. The more policies you transfer to FinanceFox, the sharper is your insurance profile, which is used by your personal supervisor to optimize your insurance protection. Otherwise nothing will change for you - unless you want it.

FinanceFox and 20 euro voucher for received

How to use Onlineservice
Once you have created a free customer account, enter the insurances that you want FinanceFox to administer. The online platform gives you an overview of your policies and can access them from anywhere, even via an app. One click is sufficient to cancel old contracts or to request new contracts. Should you wish to conclude a new insurance through FinanceFox , please let your consultant know your needs online or by telephone. This checks the available tariffs on the market and looks for the best conditions. If it is, he even gets extra bonuses. After his research, he presents you his results and submits a non-binding offer to you. If this is attractive to you and you decide to accept the terms, you can complete the contract online, if you would like, with the assistance of your consultant, who will go through the formalities with you. The latter also accepts everything else for you and, for example, handles the termination with the previous insurer. By e-mail and post, all necessary documents will come to your home. This is the annoying paperwork for you already done, you do not have to do anything else. The service is completely free, you do not have to pay any brokerage fees or other hidden costs. If you have any questions or requests for change, simply contact your supervisor who is your contact for all your insurance needs. Even in the event of a loss, you can rest assured that your personal advisor handles your insurance claim with the contractor.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Clever and uncomplicated: With FinanceFox you have all your insurances with just one click in mind and access your contracts conveniently online or via app from anywhere and at any time.
  • Never miss deadlines: FinanceFox regularly records the current status of your contracts and reminds you of appointments and deadlines.
  • Time-saving and nerve-conserving: in your personal online portal, you can easily process your appointments, inquiries and contract deals with just a few clicks or commission your supervisor to complete the formalities.
  • Independent and professional advice: Experts are available around the clock to advise you professionally and independently of the provider.
  • Always the best conditions: you always get the best tariff, which is optimally tailored to your needs.
  • Keep an overview: Find savings in existing tariffs with the free insurance cover from FinanceFox.
  • Full control: You decide which steps you will take independently online, when you consult your supervisor or if you are directly contacting your insurance company!
  • Stress-free damage management: In the event of a loss, simply contact your supervisor, who will take care of everything else, while you relax back and forth until everything is done.
  • Free and flexible: All FinanceFox services are free of charge, including the services of your personal consultant! You are not bound by any terms of the service and can terminate the use of the platform at any time without stating reasons.
  • 20 Euro voucher for FinanceFox donated a voucher worth 20 Euro for the shopping portal for each uploaded valid insurance. You can save up to ten vouchers this way.
  • The action ends on 31 March 2017.

Makermaker: How it works
To be able to use FinanceFox, you must transfer a transfer mandate to the service platform for at least one insurance company. With this mandate, FinanceFox gives you the permission to collect and digitize your insurance contracts with the insurance company to provide you online and in the app. The contracts are not modified by the digitization by FinanceFox. Good to know: The issuing of the mandate does not mean that the broker - FinanceFox or your personal advisor - may change the terms of the insurance without prior consultation. Your consultant will only be active on your behalf and act exclusively on your behalf. It is independent of the provider and is geared solely to your needs. Of course, you can continue to contact your insurance company personally, regardless of your carer. You keep full control!

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