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February 28, 2017

Kobo Plus: eBook dealer starts flat rate

Kobo Plus: eBook dealer starts flat rate

Um to provide the owners of their own eBook reader new reading materials available, Kobo eBook runs a shop for a long time. There you can buy all the books in digital form. This can quickly become expensive for bookworms, who devote several books per week. The company also recognized this and is now introducing a more attractive offer for the reader in the Netherlands and Belgium: the eBook flat rate Kobo Plus.

Kobo flat rate with 40,000 titles
According to the available information, Kobo works together with the online-shop bol.com. The monthly ten-euro offer covers 40,000 titles in the two countries, including 16,000 in Dutch. For comparison, the Amazon Kindle Unlimited available in Germany offers, for example, 1 million eBooks. Kobo and bol.com, however, are confident that the number of titles included in the flat rate will grow noticeably in the coming months.

Attractive for authors?
However, the offer should not only be appealing to consumers, but also to the writers: The Digital Reader says authors who are involved in the program do not have to accept exclusivity, so they can also offer their books on other platforms. The prerequisite is that the titles remain part of the flat rate for at least six months. The authors receive money every time a customer has read an eBook at least 20 percent.

Expansion uncertain
Whether or when the service should start in other countries, the company is still silent.

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