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February 27, 2017

Sony SF-G128: The fastest SD memory card in the world

Sony SF-G128: The fastest SD memory card in the world

Morne cameras are partly so fast that a memory card easily mutates to the brake pad. For example, if the professor wants to store 20 megabytes of uncompressed raw pictures in uncompressed format of 10 frames per second. Or 4K videos with extreme data rates of far more than 100 megabits per second. Sony promises remedy: with SF-G128, SF-G64 and SF-G32. These 128, 64 and 32 gigabytes of SD cards are expected to store up to 299 megabytes per second. In the other direction, up to 300 megabytes per second can be read, according to the manufacturer. By comparison, the fastest SD card tested by COMPUTER BILD was up to 190 megabytes when writing, and up to 247 megabytes when reading - the theoretical limit of the UHS-II standard is 312 megabytes per second. The high speed is a prerequisite for a high-speed reading device - like the new Sony MRW-S1 with USB 3.1.

Waterproof and protected against electric shock
According to Sony, the new SD cards are particularly robust. Water does not matter to them as much as electrostatic discharges. And if there should be a problem, the electronics company promises help with the associated data recovery software "Memory Card File Rescue". However, it only restores photos in raw format as well as 4K videos in the XAVC-S format.

Sony SD cards: Prices and availability
According to Sony, the fast SD cards come on the market in March; the MRW-S1 reader follows in April. Sony has not yet announced the price, but the 128-gigabyte model is expected to cost around € 250 (estimated according to the current price of the fastest UHS II cards).

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