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March 21, 2017

Apple iPad 9.7: New iPad for the narrow thaler presented

Apple iPad 9.7: New iPad for the narrow thaler presented

Paukenschlag at Apple: The Californians have their latest Tablet, the iPad 9,7 presented - unusually modest via press release held with great show spectacle before the assembled world press. On a new "Air" -bamename or the "Pro" -approved add-on, this time the successful entrepreneur waived and the comparatively affordable price (from 399 euros) is the otherwise costly tablets. Hardware, design and the biggest innovations - COMPUTER BILD has all the details and reveals the biggest differences to the iPad Pro 9.7 .

IPad 9,7-Design: Old garment at a lower price
Right ahead: a revolution is the new iPad 9.7 not, rather missed the XXL pulling horse of a detoxification course and oriented again in more favorable price regions. From 399 euros the wifi model hikes over the Ladentisch, the Cellular version with SIM card compartment starts at 559 euros. The display size remains the same for the proven 9.7 inch (24.6 centimeters) and also the form factor and the aluminum design leaves Apple on the stand of the three and a half year old iPad Air. Like the resolution of the screen: The Retina display continues to dissolve in 2048x1536 pixels, according to Apple should be brighter. For more details, Apple is so far covered. Is this really true and has a benefit in mobile surfing? This will show the laboratory test by COMPUTER BILD in a timely manner.

iPad-9.7-Hardware: look under the hood
Inside the new iPad is the Apple-developed A9 processor together with its M9 co-processor. Interesting: The A10 Fusion, which is installed in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, is out of the box, the hardware still comes from the iPhone 6S generation a year and a half ago. On the working memory Apple did not enter into the available information, but conceivable are 2 gigabytes of brain lime. For the cameras, Apple also does not use the latest high-end shelf: the rear camera triggers with eight megapixels, in the front there are selfies in a maximum of 1.2 megapixels. 

Without pen and keyboard: No Pro features
That Apple makes with the iPad 9.7 savings compromises with the hardware and the unchanged design is obvious. To reach the magical price of 400 euros, the Californians also cancel the benefits of the more powerful iPad Pro 9.7. As a result, the keyboard connector falls victim to the savings as well as the possibility to use the Apple Pencil on the new iPad. If you need features like this, you will inevitably have to grab the 279 euro more expensive pro-brother (available from 679 euros).

Apple iPad 9.7: First assessment
As surprising as the new iPad is dipped, so surprising is the price of under 400 euros for the basic model. Apple's price limit is cracked by the unchanged design, the well-known retina display and hardware from the iPhone-6S era. Thus, the one-year-old iPad Pro 9.7 continues to earn its name and continues to rank on the iPad throne. If you do not need the pen function and the keyboard of the Pro model and can barely noticeable cuts in the hardware, the beginner's iPad saves around 280 euros.

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